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Analyze your email marketing statistics and improve your performance

What are the key indicators for analyzing an email marketing campaign?

You have sent your email marketing campaign and now you would like to find out how successful it was? There are a lot of detailed statistics available but do you really know what to do with them?

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The top 5 indicators you need to know to measure the success of your email marketing campaign:


Opening rate

This email marketing statistic tells you what percentage of your sent emails were actually opened. It's more useful to analyze the unique open rate, which means the percentage of your readers who opened the message, not tacking into account the fact that they may have opened it more than once.


Click rate

This rate corresponds to the number of times your readers clicked on a link or button in your email marketing campaign. A good click-through rate often means a high ROI... as long as your landing pages are optimized and efficient as well! To make sure of that, check out the conversion rate and bounce rate of your visitors in Google Analytics.


Reactivity rate

This rate is the percentage of readers who have unsubscribed from your future emails. Of course, it's always your goal to get the lowest possible rate. If it is too high, this can also affect your reputation as a sender.


Unsubscribe rate (opt-out)

This rate is the percentage of readers who have unsubscribed from your future emails. Of course, it's always your goal to get the lowest possible rate. If it's too high, your reputation as a sender can be affected.


Bounce rate

The bounce rate indicates which percentage of emails could not reach the recipient. This is an important email marketing statistic because it allows you to assess the quality of the contact list and measure the delivery capability of your campaign. Some email marketing software offer tools to clean your contact base before sending it to avoid high rates.

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If you are interested, these are the average opening and click rates in B2B and B2C:

Opening rate

Click rate

B2B email marketing

Opening rate

Click rate

B2C email marketing

Find out how Mailify can help you improve your key email marketing statistics!


World geotracking

Locate your active recipients on a world map and enrich your contact base with geographic data. Use this data to filter your contacts and create target groups for your upcoming campaigns.


Detailed Statistical Reports

Mailify gives you access to very detailed statistical data that will help you improve your ROI. You will know exactly which link, text, button or image generated the most clicks and sales. This know-how will help you in your future campaigns.


Individual behavioral tracking

Review your campaign's open, click, and cancel rates on an individual level.
Identify contacts that click or open most of the time, and build campaigns based on their behavior.


Calculation of reading time

Go beyond the open and click rates when analyzing your email marketing statistics. Mailify also indicates the time your contacts took to read your message as well as the shares on social networks.


Device/provider detection

Mailify will tell you which email providers and webmails were used by your contacts and on which type of device (smartphone, tablet, PC) they read your message. Adapt your marketing strategy according to this information.


Segmented retargeting

Use filters to select your readers according to their statistics and behavior, such as all inactive ones. Easily export them or resume contact using multiple filtering possibilities when creating a new email marketing campaign.


Behavioral filtering

Only select recipients who did not open your message or thank those who made a purchase. Refine your marketing through behavioral targeting and send personalized messages.


Google Analytics extension

If you use Google Analytics to analyze your site's audience then you can also enable tracking on Mailify to analyze the impact your campaigns have on your website’s traffic.

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