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How to set up an automatic campaign?

All automated campaigns are visible in the "Campaigns" menu by selecting "Automatic".

To create an automated campaign, you can:

  • click on the '+' on the home screen of the platform and select "Create a campaign", followed by selecting "Automatic".

  • Click on "Create a campaign" in the "Campaign" menu and select "Automatic".

A window appears to name your new campaign and specify the list of contacts to use.

Then click on the green check mark to confirm.

Now you have to specify the type of campaign you want to create:

  • Welcome: Sending an email and / or an automatic SMS when an inscription is registered in your list
  • Date: Sending an email and / or an automatic SMS when a specific date is reached in the list (anniversary date, renewal date ...)
  • Update: sending an email and / or an automatic SMS following a modification or the insertion of a data in the selected list


You also have the possibility to create an automatic campaign using the data of your connectors: WordPress, Magento, PrestaShop... you can create automated and targeted campaigns based on the product reviews, abandoned baskets...

For each campaign type, you can choose to send a single email, a single SMS or a campaign workflow that can combine email and SMS.

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