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Create, send and analyze your SMS marketing campaigns

Create highly personalized and engaging SMS campaigns

Customize your SMS with personalization fields. Add your brand name as the sender, the name of the recipient or even link to a dedicated landing page to boost the impact of your message.

Mailify includes a routing platform and a built-in SMS editor, which makes creating and sending messages easier than ever - No technical skills needed. Adapt your SMS to your brand image and send your campaigns in minutes.

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Transform the way you communicate with customers

Inform, promote, invite, alert ... SMS marketing can play multiple roles in the customer relationship. With automated SMS campaigns (purchase confirmation, call back appointment, or a birthday wish...) Mailify helps you manage your customer communication.

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Enhance your message with rich SMS

No more than 160 characters, welcome to multimedia elements (images, videos, interactive maps, etc.).

Go beyond the simple SMS with Mailify. Create a personalized customer experience that reflects your brand.

The SMS Editor is an intuitive drag-and-drop tool that allows you to create beautiful rich SMS. Easily arrange your text bocks, images and multimedia content. This information will be accessible to your contacts through a link automatically included in your SMS.

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An SMS solution for all your needs



A simple and effective solution for sending and receiving SMS from our SaaS platform



Manage your campaigns and respond to your customers by SMS directly from Mailify's desktop version


Via api

Automate your SMS sendings from your business applications with our powerful SMS API

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An SMS campaign only takes a few minutes to reach hundreds (if not thousands) of recipients. No need for technical skills to write your message. Save time by communicating via SMS with your customers!

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With an average reception rate of 95%, the SMS offers the highest level of deliverability. In addition, 90% of SMS are read within 3 minutes after receipt, which SMS a reliable and fast channel to add to your communication strategy!

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Some spare minutes and creativity is all you need to send an SMS with Mailify. Forget about the agency fees, our Rich-Message Editor will help you create professional, catchy and profitable SMS campaigns.

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Send your SMS messages abroad

Mailify allows you to send SMS in Europe and abroad.

SMS credits always cost the same, regardless of the destination(s) your sending to.

Only the consumption of credits varies according to the country where your messages will be received.

For example, if your message is sent to 100 recipients, including 90 in France and 10 in Italy, you will be charged 103 credits in total: 90 credits for shipments in France, and 13 credits for shipments in Italy, because an SMS 160 characters sent to Italy costs 1.3 credit).

To find out the rates for each country, click on the button below:

An SMS plan that suits your needs



Pay as you go


No agency fees


One invoice


Credits valid for 1 year


Special rate, monthly invoicing, payment by direct debit...
Our team offers you a tailored plan according to your needs.
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Take full advantage of the features, not matter your subscription type


Automatic management of "SMS STOP"


SMS response management


Multi-account management


Contact targeting engine


Complete statistical reporting


Rich-Messages Editor


Customize the sender name


Dynamic personalization fields


Automated SMS campaigns


Receipt confirmation


Behavior based follow-up


Tracking links

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