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The marketing tool for agencies

Offer the Mailify automation marketing solution to your customers and help them achieve their marketing objectives. The Mailify offer adapted to agencies with advanced multi-account access and discount rates.

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How can Mailify be useful to you as an agency?

A single account

From design to statistical analysis to sending, you'll manage all email and SMS marketing campaigns from a single account.

You'll create and route your customers' campaigns and easily picture their performance in real time thanks to a user-friendly dashboard

compte unique

Simple management of your customers' accesses

If necessary, you can create user groups for each customer. They will be able to send their campaigns independently, consult their statistical reports and benefit from all of Mailify's features. You'll also have an overview of their activity.

In each group, you'll manage easily the sharing rights of their resources (campaigns, lists, templates, forms, etc.).

You can define a limit for sending emails and/or SMS for each of your groups.

Decreasing rates

Our rates go down with higher order volumes

Streamline your orders for credits to be distributed to your customers

Get reduced rates and increase your margin

Constant support

With our experts' advice, implement new communication strategies and introduce your customers to innovative features that will improve their results.

We provide not only maintenance and technical assistance but also a personalized support tailored to your expectations


Smart Templates

Enter the URL of your website and create newsletter templates in a matter of seconds

Many agencies use the Mailify Smart Templates feature to save time in the creation of their marketing emails. Simply enter your website address and our tool generates for you ready-to-use email templates that fit your brand identity and that are optimized for conversion.


I discovered Smart Templates by chance when I wanted to prepare a campaign in a hurry and I was pleasantly surprised by the tool.


Agence M²Digitalab

I found the Smart Templates tool very intuitive and it helps to project directly into the advertiser's world.


Agence Page de marque

The tool is very good in pre-sales, to show the prospects how a mail that fits their brand identity can look like. It is then easy to finalize a project without fumbling. It is a significant time saver.


Agence Nou Paris

Many agencies have chosen Mailify to support their clients in their marketing strategy.

Mailify makes it easier to manage your customers and is committed to the success of their marketing objectives

An all-in-one tool for all of your marketing needs

Email campaigns

Create and send amazing newsletters and promotional emails to your contacts with the EmailBuilder technology.

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SMS Campaigns

Notify your customers and ensure the reception of your latest promotional offers using the power of the SMS channel.

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Marketing automation

Save time and money by automating all or part of your email and SMS marketing campaigns.

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Contact forms

Gain more leads by creating your own contact forms and integrating them to your site in a few clicks.

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Landing pages

Mailify allows you to create web pages very easily thanks to a very intuitive "drag/drop" editor.

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Integrated CRM

Manage, sort and optimize your contact lists on an ongoing basis from Mailify's embedded CRM interface.

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