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Antispam policy

Professional conduct and anti-spam

Sarbacane Software is committed to and commits its clients to observing current laws and rules of professional conduct in the area of electronic communications.


Sarbacane Software is a member of the French National Union of Direct Communication and, therefore, endorses and follows its professional conduct code for direct electronic communications. This document may be read in full by clicking here

The commitments undertaken by Sarbacane Software:

The confidentiality of the data entrusted to us by our clients

The data transmitted by our clients to be hosted on our routing platforms are always kept confidential and never publically disclosed. Sarbacane Software reserves the right to consult these data only to verify respect for the mailing list charter prior to approving campaigns or following complaints filed by Internet users, Internet access providers or anti-spam groups.

Respect for the privacy of the recipients of our clients’ campaigns

All addresses used to send out email campaigns through our routing platform are data supplied by our clients. By accepting our general terms of use for the Sarbacane software, our clients contractually undertake to observe current laws, particularly the French data protection and freedom of information law and the French Law on Confidence in the Digital Economy.

To guarantee the legality and cleanliness of mailing campaigns

Sarbacane Software quasi-systematically checks the content of the email campaigns sent via its routing platform. These checks aim to ensure respect for the email list charter prior to sending out campaigns. The company Sarbacane Software will not, however, be held liable for the dissemination of any documents that do not respect the mailing list charter. We invite our clients to read and respect this charter prior to sending out any campaign through our routing platform.

Data security

All of our servers comprising the platform are situated in highly-secure white spaces in order to guarantee the utmost confidentiality of the data entrusted to us by our clients. Maintenance on our servers is done by highly qualified internal Sarbacane Software personnel.


Sarbacane Software is neither the owner nor the processor of the files entrusted to us by our clients. All of the databases used by our servers are the property of our clients or that of companies which specialize in the sale or rental of such files. Sarbacane Software will not be held liable for the data collection methods used by any of its clients.

Emailing list charter

All users of Sarbacane software must agree with this emailing list charter:

The software must never be used to send content that is illegal, of a violent nature, obscene, defamatory, harmful or discriminatory.
Moreover, sensitive content related to pornography, casinos or online gaming, clairvoyance, weight loss, etc. is absolutely prohibited.

Before sending any emails for advertising purposes, the user must have received prior free and specific consent from the recipient of the messages if they include personal data unless the intended recipient is already a client of the user and if the email campaign is related to products or services which are similar to the ones already provided by the user.

All emails must indicate the advertiser’s identity and include a pertinent subject directly related to the content of the message sent.

Anti-spam policy

We invite Internet users to contact us at if any of our clients engage in situations of abuse concerning the content of their messages, the lack or malfunctioning of the possibility to unsubscribe, the collection method or, more generally, any other failure to abide by applicable legal and regulatory obligations related to this matter. Please send a copy of the message in question and indicate the reason for your complaint. A complaint analysis and management department has been set up at Sarbacane Software to quickly respond against users who do not respect Mailify usage charter.

Useful links site of the French National Information Society and Freedom Commission. site of the French National Union of Direct Communication.

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