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The marketing tool for automotive professionals

As an automotive professional, you are working in a market that is always more competitive with tight margins.

Mailify provides you with marketing tools tailored to your business to help you stand out and increase your sales.

Thanks to Sarbacane, we have up to 70% open rates on our monthly email.

Cédric DHAINAUT - Manager
Renault Store Village

The graphic creation of an email, for example, is very time-consuming and thanks to Mailify we don't have to worry about it anymore.

Thomas DELBARRE - Marketing & Communication Manager

Discover our platform with our experts

Find prospects

Create and include subscription forms to your website to build a qualified database

Simply design web pages dedicated to your fleet or services with no technical knowledge

Target your contacts accurately and communicate with prospects in your catchment area as a priority

Prospects Prospects Prospects Prospects

Convert your prospects to clients

Keep your prospects informed of your car arrivals and part-exchange offers by email

Invite your prospects to your open days by SMS

Promote your take-back offers by email

Automate marketing workflows alternating email with SMS to optimize lead conversion

Many companies in the automotive sector have chosen Mailify to ensure the success of their marketing actions

Retain your existing customers

Notify your customers by SMS once their vehicle is available again after repairs or service

Arrange test drives with your customers to show them your range

Send special offers to your customers by email to reward them for their loyalty

Create registration forms for your events and manage your guest lists on the go


Stand out from the competition

Create high quality emails that match your image and will impress your contacts

Put design at the centre of your brand image with our easy-to-use EmailBuilder

Use our royalty-free photo library and choose the best pictures to match your newsletters

Smart Templates

Enter the URL of your website and create newsletter templates in a matter of seconds

Many automotive professionals use the Smart Templates feature of Mailify to save time in the creation of their emails and newsletters. Simply enter your website address and our tool generates for you email templates with your colors, ready to use and optimized for a perfect readability.


Being a new client I appreciated Smart Templates. It is important to be able to communicate with our own design and colors and there is a total consistency between our communication and our website.


Processus Evolutions

I tested Smart Templates on a previous campaign. I must say that I find it very interesting and practical to design directly an email based on your graphic identity. It saves time and makes the message clearer.


Ouest Pièces Auto Logistique

Sarbacane saves you time and optimizes your logistics flows

An all-in-one tool for all of your marketing needs

Email campaigns

Create and send amazing newsletters and promotional emails to your contacts with the EmailBuilder technology.

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SMS Campaigns

Notify your customers and ensure the reception of your latest promotional offers using the power of the SMS channel.

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Marketing automation

Save time and money by automating all or part of your email and SMS marketing campaigns.

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Contact forms

Gain more leads by creating your own contact forms and integrating them to your site in a few clicks.

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Landing pages

Mailify allows you to create web pages very easily thanks to a very intuitive "drag/drop" editor.

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Integrated CRM

Manage, sort and optimize your contact lists on an ongoing basis from Mailify's embedded CRM interface.

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