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Black Friday : how to stand out?

Black Friday : how to stand out?

November 27 should be marked in red on your calendar. Black Friday is one of the biggest sales events of the year and also announces the opening of sales for end-of-the-year celebrations. However, due to the health and economic crisis, Black Friday 2020 will be special compared to previous editions. This major event should take place, but brands will have to adapt to face this unique situation.

In this context, it is essential to stand out from the crowd to impress your customers and prospects and thus use the full potential of Black Friday to your advantage. This article aims to guide you in creating an effective emailing campaign for Black Friday with practical advice, a communication calendar and email templates.


6 tips to boost your sales with Black Friday campaigns

The subject of the email and the preheader: your ticket to the opening!

Pay particular attention to these two essential elements to arouse the reader’s interest even before the message is opened. You can choose between several options to stand out among all the emails your contacts will receive.

  • Personalize the subject with your contacts’ first or last name: «Marie, up to -60% on our products, today!»
  • Create a sense of urgency by insisting on how short your offer is «Less than 4 hours left… -50% on your favorite items».
  • Highlight your discounts and/or the proximity between your store and your contacts’ residence: «Your XY store offers up to 70% discount».


Create an immersive universe

Create engaging content with an attractive responsive design that matches the color codes associated with Black Friday while remaining consistent with your brand identity. Also consider integrating gif or video animations to lead your readers to your call-to-actions.


Think mobile

Most Internet users check their mailbox on their mobile phone. Make sure your campaign is responsive with all reading materials. Also, remember to place your CTAs in such a way that they be easily clickable regardless of the user’s device.


Combine email and SMS

The combination of emailing and SMS can help you to retain current customers by pushing them promotional codes or exclusive invitations but also to reactivate your inactive contacts by encouraging them to rediscover your offers.


Create a landing page dedicated to Black Friday

The landing page will allow you to make sure your readers focus on the offers you wish to highlight while reaffirming the visual identity you’ll adapt for the occasion. Mailify allows you to create landing pages adapted to all reading media but also mobile landing pages used exclusively for the SMS channel, both in a few clicks only. Take a look at our article on how to create a successful landing page.


Segment your database and target your contacts

Segmentation will allow you to reach your target audience with precision and improve your opening and click statistics with offers that match the profile of your subscribers (loyal customers, inactive customers, new customers, prospects), their interests and their purchasing history. The more precise your segmentation, the more you will increase your conversion rate.



When to communicate for Black Friday?

To stand out from the competition, you will need to find the right pace and the right communication channel to reach your target audience without being too intrusive. We also propose a communication calendar that you can adapt according to the actions you wish to implement. Keep in mind that a successful campaign is a targeted and personalized campaign.


Week of November 2 to 8: the announcement of your Black Friday

Email campaign: Send a preview of your promotions to all your subscribers. The objective is not to reveal all the secrets of your upcoming offers, but to arouse curiosity and create a feeling of impatience among your contacts, who are already on the lookout for good deals. For example, you can tell your contacts:

  • Which products will benefit from a discount on Black Friday
  • The exact start and end dates of your promotions (especially if you also create offers for Cyber Monday or even during the whole week before Black Friday)
  • Any activities you may have on D-Day (contest, etc.)
  • The range of discounts your customers can expect (XX% discount on selected products, 1 product purchased = 1 free, etc…)
  • The landing page link where they will find all your special offers dedicated to Black Friday

Website and social networks: in parallel, encourage your prospects (via a banner on the homepage of your website but also through social networks) to subscribe to your newsletter so they can receive your special offers on Black Friday.


The week of November 9 to 15: the exclusive offer

Email and/or SMS campaign: consider sending an email or SMS campaign with an exclusive offer to your newsletter subscribers. You can imagine sending an additional discount code on targeted products for which your contacts have already expressed interest or an invitation to a private sale that would take place before Black Friday and that would be meant for your subscribers only.

Website and social networks: Communicate about this exclusive offer for your subscribers through other channels and let word of mouth work to generate new subscriptions to your mailing list and expand your audience.


The week of November 16 to 22: one month before the holidays

Email campaigns: play a more emotional touch by sending a campaign including Christmas gift ideas based on the products where you’ll apply a discount. With one month to go before the end of the year, your customers will be delighted to be purchase their Christmas gifts in advance and at a reduced rate.

You can also send a campaign with product recommendations. Depending on your contacts’ purchase history, offer them additional products that will be discounted on Black Friday.


Black Friday week: the final countdown

Email campaign and banner on your website: create a sense of expectation and curiosity by setting up a countdown to announce the first special offers. Personalize your campaigns by highlighting products that match your customers’ profiles and encourage them to put the products they prefer on a wish list or in their shopping cart.


D Day: announce the launch of your offers

Email and/or SMS campaign: send a reminder campaign of your offers and any activity you may have at the official launch of Black Friday. Always remember to personalize and target your messages according to your customers’ preferences and buying patterns.

Automatic campaigns: Set up personalized automatic emails for abandoned carts showcasing the products they selected and the associated discount. Keep an eye on your stocks to avoid sending this kind of email when you’re out of stock.

You can also imagine sending automatic campaigns to all your contacts who made a purchase on Black Friday with a discount code on their next order. This will allow you to retain customers who may only have made a one-time purchase as part of Black Friday promotions.

SMS campaign: if you have a brick and mortar store, feel free to send a targeted SMS to customers living nearby to encourage them to come and visit your online shop or come to get their click-and-collect order.


During the Black weekend

Email or SMS campaign: send a final reminder on your offers and announce the end of Black Friday / Cyber Monday promotions in order to create, this time, a sense of urgency that will generate an increase in sales.


And after Black Friday?

Black Friday is just the trigger that launches the beginning of the frenetic holiday shopping season. Don’t be complacent. Use the data collected to retain the buyers converted during Black Friday and maintain their interest and commitment with tailored offers.



Our special emailing templates for Black Friday

You need inspiration to create your special Black Friday campaigns? Use one of our email templates dedicated to the event and adapt it to your company’s colors! All templates have been designed by web design experts, are responsive and fully customizable thanks to Mailify’s intuitive editor.


Email template Black Friday

This template mainly plays on a cluttered and modern design as well as on color contrasts reminiscent of the graphic identity of Black Friday. You can easily change colors and text fonts with Sarbacane’s EmailBuilder. This model allows you to highlight the selected products but also your brand image. Discounts and call-to-actions are ideally positioned to lead the reader to make an order.


Black Friday Template


I want this template


Email template Black Friday 2

This example of a Black Friday email allows you to highlight a selection of products including discounts for Black Friday. To convert your leads, place the call-to-action under the product description with colors reminding of the header. This template is ideal for e-commerce websites.


Black Friday emailing template


I want this template


Email Template Black Friday 3

This template uses sober and elegant colors. With this template, you can easily highlight your products and associated discounts. The CTA (Call-To-Action) are clearly highlighted to incite your contacts to click to learn more about your offers. With Mailify, you can easily and efficiently edit and customize this template.



I want this template


Email Template Black Friday 4

This template uses dark and elegant colors. With this design, you can highlight this exceptional event.

I want this template


All our templates are available on your Mailify account and are easily customizable. See all our templates


Smart Templates for Black Friday

Mailify’s Smart Templates feature analyzes your website and automatically generates custom email and newsletter templates ready to be sent.

Our teams have recently created a Smart Template dedicated to Black Friday. To use this email template, you just have to enter the URL of your website. You will save time in the creation of your emailings thanks to this feature.

Test Smart Templates


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