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Life after lockdown: how to prepare your business communication?

Life after lockdown: how to prepare your business communication?

The Communication is particularly important in the current economic and health context. The first stages of the end of the lockdown have begun and most companies are still holding back. The next few weeks often seem still too uncertain. In this crisis situation, authenticity and transparency have become the key elements for an effective and relevant communication. Consumers are looking for closeness and trust. Companies can best manage the aftermath of the crisis by offering this trust and security to their customers. It is logical to ask how companies should communicate now. Here are a few tips to help companies get their own business up and running again quickly, retain existing customers and win new ones.


Think like your customers

If you want to sell your products or services now, you need more than ever to think like your customers. What challenges will they face in the coming weeks? What problems do they need to solve? What solutions are they looking for? By answering these questions clearly, you will be in a better position to adapt your own products or services and your communication to meet their needs. It’s no longer a time for standard answers, but for individual solutions. Anticipate by selling today what will be delivered tomorrow as restaurants can do for example with vouchers that are sold today in advance for the reopening. Short-term adaptations of your offers and your communication may be enough to face the coming months. It is trust that is the best way to sell in times of crisis. So be transparent and adapt your offers and communication to the needs and questions of your customers and prospects.


Be realistic

In the coming months, reliability will be an important factor in building customer confidence and generating new sales. You should therefore check if and how far you can actually deliver your services. Be optimistic, but remain realistic. Make sure that the conditions for a successful new start are there. In concrete terms, don’t promise 10,000 masks available in a month if the delivery is uncertain…


Communicate openly

Currently, most companies are facing a very complicated situation. Communicating in an open and authentic way is an effective method of differentiating yourself from your competitors. Speak clearly about the difficulties you may be facing and show your audience how you are dealing with them and what measures you are taking to continue your activity and protect your employees and customers.Also consider communicating clearly to your employees within your organization, who also have to face new challenges in their workplace.


Digitalize your communication

Digitalization has been a necessity rather than an option for companies over the past few years. Accelerated or even imposed by the current health crisis, the importance of the digitalization of companies has been proven. Especially in the communication area. Containment has shown that a company must be able to make itself available instantly to its contacts. The Chat appears to be a particularly effective communication channel to establish a real conversation between you and your visitors. During this period, it will also be an effective way to reassure customers about the hygiene and safety measures put in place when the activity starts up again. Of course, emailing and SMS remain an excellent way to communicate with your audience about the restart of your business activity.


Unusual situations lead to unusual measures. It may be time to rethink your communication and your offers. This can be a great opportunity to make a fresh start after the crisis and give your business a new impulse.

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