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4 prerequisites to the success of your SMS marketing campaigns

4 prerequisites to the success of your SMS marketing campaigns

Do you plan to take quick action and send SMS marketing campaigns to your customers? … before diving in headfirst, make sure to respect the following 4 conditions that will be essential to the success of your SMS campaigns.

4 prerequesites to the success of your SMS marketing campaigns

01. Create and enrich your contact database

Getting the phone number of your customers and prospects is not easy. To help you, you can create an incentive by taking advantage of each moment of contact: telephone or physical interviews, exhibitions, downloading documentation, orders, making contact, loyalty cards, etc.. there are so many ways to build your database of mobile phone numbers.

Another solution is also available to you: acquisition marketing operations which consist in encouraging your prospects to give their phone number in order to receive discount coupons, for example, directly on their phones.

ATTENTION: It is essential to explicitly mention to people that the information collected will be used for commercial purposes.


02. Pay close attention to the sending frequency of your SMS marketing campaigns

Although on average 95% of commercial SMS campaigns are read by their recipients, it is better to not contact your database too often. It would be a mistake to think that by multiplying the sending of your campaigns would make your customers feel like you haven’t forgotten about them. On the contrary, it would make your customers more likely to unsubscribe. Remember that SMS is a very effective marketing channel, however, it should be used sparingly.

With this in mind, we recommend that you do not exceed 4 messages per month, and plan promotional offers during the year: holiday season, sales, birthdays…

Remember that “what is rare is expensive”, the more you will solicit your recipients unless they are receptive to your SMS marketing campaigns. Conversely, if they receive only 3 or 4 SMS per month, they will be more likely to bounce back.


03. Integrate your Call to action

For more efficiency, we recommend that you invite your recipients to continue the user experience by adding calls to action in our message: a link to your mobile site or to a landing page with rich content.

Thanks to Mailify’s landing page editor, you can easily exploit this possibility by creating your own optimized web pages for smooth and intuitive smartphone navigation. An effective way for direct and interactive communication with your customers.


04. Personalize the message of your SMS marketing campaigns

SMS marketing campaigns can create a close relationship with your customers by sending them personalized messages. The name of the sender and the content are customizable and it is strongly recommended to customize them to give your customers the feeling of receiving an unique message.

Instead of a mobile phone number, you can easily customize the sender field with the name of your company. So your recipients know immediately who is contacting them and that the source of the SMS is trustworthy.


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