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{Infographic} 6 Email Marketing Traps Resulting In Game Over

{Infographic} 6 Email Marketing Traps Resulting In Game Over

Are you an email marketing pinball wizard? Make sure your email campaigns don’t fall into one of these traps that is sure to lead you straight to game over.


6 Email Marketing Traps Resulting In Game Over:

No Personalization: Personalize your emails to stay out of the email blast black hole. Personalized subject lines see open rates about 20% higher.

Emails Not Responsive: 51% of all emails are now opened on a mobile device. Additionally, 70% of consumers immediately disregard an email that doesn’t render properly their mobile device.

No List Segmentation: Failing to organize your database and send messages relevant to specific segments is sure to cause your campaigns to miss the mark, and get trapped in the inboxes of the wrong readers.

Default Preheader: Like a free game: use this bonus opportunity to optimize the preview pane and convince users to open your message. Using the preheader only for a link to the web version is an easy trap to avoid.

Bad Design: First impressions matter, so don’t let your readers get caught in a jumbled mess of crazy colors, typos, and a lack of direction!

Unclear CTA (Call To Action): If your readers are unclear about what to do next, you’ve missed your shot to connect with readers and convert them into action-takers.


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