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[Tutorial] Create a B2B prospecting email “Outlook” style with Mailify

[Tutorial] Create a B2B prospecting email “Outlook” style with Mailify

Create a B2B prospecting email “Outlook” style with a professional solution

Even though sending out professional emails with Outlook is a big no-go, sending out emails that look like they were written at Outlook can have a drastically negative impact in terms deliverability – especially in B2B.

A strictly-text email can, sometimes, feel much more personal and impacting than HTML.


Advantages of sending out “Outlook” emails

In comparison to a HTML promotional email in B2B, an “Outlook” email can:

✓ Increase sales

✓ Increase rate of response

✓ Ease exchange of information

✓ Highly customizable elements

✓ To establish a close relationship


The tutorial: how to create a prospecting email Outlook style in 6 steps

Set up time: Approximately 10 minutes

We will use the Mailify email marketing software for this tutorial. However, the method used is fairly similar to that of other softwares, and can come in handy regardless of which platform you use.

Let’s start by opening your professional email marketing solution, and Outlook, and follow these steps:

01. Create your B2B prospecting email on Outlook

Don’t forget to prepare the positioning of dynamic customization fields according to the information available about your contacts.

02. Send this email do your own email to receive it on Outlook

03. Go to the bottom of your email and right with the right button of the mouse → Show source

Right away, you’ll get a text file that will be opened automatically in your notepad.

04. Copy the whole notepad.

Tip: to speed things up, do CTRL + A (to select all) and then CTRL + C (to copy).

05. Open your professional email marketing software, create a campaign and choose the method of creation of importing an external HTML code.


In our example, with Mailify Sunrise, you’ll need to create a standard campaign. Go to the “Message” stage and choose to import an external file →  copy/paste


06.Paste the content from the notepad in the HTML editor, substituting the standard code and validade.

All ready!

Your Outlook style prospecting email is ready to be sent. Send your campaign do recipients, and witness the power of this simple message.


Good practices

Here are a few good practices that are recommended to help you create successful prospecting B2B emails:

✅ Use a quality database

✅ Use all the customization fields you can

✅ Start your subject line with a lower case letter, to seem less stiff and official

✅ Be brief and get to the point


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