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6 Key Steps To Customer Loyalty Through Email Marketing

6 Key Steps To Customer Loyalty Through Email Marketing


6 basic steps for customer loyalty with Email marketing


«Recent studies show that 75% of corporate email campaigns are made to retain customers. Email marketing is the most effective channel in terms of engagement.»


1. Own database to send email campaigns


The first thing to keep in mind when creating your own database is getting opt-ins, that is to say sending campaigns exclusively to recipients who gave prior consent to receive emails from you. Best of all is to get a double opt-in.

Having the consent of the client or potential customer to send emails is a key element for an effective email marketing campaign. The process of collecting contacts that fit your target is not easy but it’s not so complicated. It only takes time and commitment.


2. Communicate the right information


The second most important element is to maintain a good relationship with your recipients to prevent them from unsubscribing from your newsletters. To do so, send them content of interest and offers that they don’t want to refuse. For example, offering a free version of a program or a discount at first purchase are the promotions that are appreciated and that can convert a sporadic buyer into a returning client. Do you need hands-on examples of how to make newsletters? here’s how

Likewise, it is important to learn from your customers after each purchase, e.g. through  a questionnaire. This way, you’ll know their  level of satisfaction and obtain personal information (birth date, city …) that will allow you to better target your segmentation.


3. Email Content

You must think carefully about the content of the email to make it as attractive as possible: insert images (taking into account the proportion of 60% text – 40% images), as well as visible call-to-action buttons and links. It’s compulsory and required by law to include an opt-out link. The vital element to add to your campaigns are those that lead to your profiles in social networks.

The presentation of the email is as important as the content in the recipient’s inbox (i.e. the sender address and the subject of the message). An attractive subject which prompts the recipient to open the message can trigger a purchase.

A formula that works perfectly is the personalization of the subject including, for example, the name of the form. This way, the reader will feel that the company offers something of their interest.

Recent studies show that 75% of companies … email campaigns are for loyalty. CLICK TO TWEET


4. Responsive Design Needed


It consists of sending emails that automatically adapt to the device where the recipient reads the message. To date, 44% of emails are opened from smartphones or tablets, so don’t miss the opportunity to reach out to audience on every device. Our application offers you more than 850 responsive customizable email marketing templates. Download our application, customize your templates and start sending professional email marketing campaigns.


 5. Schedule your email so it be sent a later date  


To deliver the right message at the right time and to the right person, it is sometimes necessary to choose the best time to send a campaign. With Mailify you can easily program your emails, adjusting the date and time, to maximize the delivery of your campaigns.


6. Monitor campaign performance


It’s important to track the results of your campaigns by looking at the statistics. This way, you will observe the reaction of the recipients: who opens the email, who clicks according to which link… A series of issues that will allow you to improve your future campaigns and customize them according to your interests.

Want to gain loyalty sending out efficient campaigns?




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