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Animated email marketing campaigns to optimize your performance!

Animated email marketing campaigns to optimize your performance!

An image captures the attention of readers more than a text does. In fact, more than 75 percent of the information transmitted to the brain is visual and an image is processed 60,000 thousand times faster than words. When the image is moving, the effect is multiplied. For some years, GIFs have been experiencing a comeback, in particular thanks to their use on social networks. Originally, they are primarily used to entertain but today they are a real asset to catch the attention of your readers and bring some life to your communications. Given that YouTube is the second search engine used, just behind Google, it’s clear that videos are an important part of getting your message across. However, emails containing animations are still few and far between. For many years, incorporating images in emails was a complex matter. But nowadays , it’s not just images, but also in your messages is possible, but with Mailify, it’s easy!


Create an animated email  marketing campaign in a few clicks with Mailify


Embed a video in your email marketing campaign


Do you want to create a email marketing campaign that includes an existing video, hosted online (Youtube, Dailymotion, social networks, etc)? With Mailify’s EmailBuilder you can easily integrate a video in the form of animated GIF. Simply drag and drop the “video” content block in your message and insert the video link in the URL field.


Now you can define which part of the video you want to capture for the GIF. You can loop it with the «repeat loop» feature. A call button type «Play» will be automatically created and added to the visual. It will redirect the audience to the hosted video.


Without the need for advanced technical knowledge, the interface automatically creates a GIF from the selected video based on your settings.


Integrate an animated GIF in your email campaigns


You can also integrate an existing GIF in your marketing emails (a GIF that you have created yourself or a GIF that you downloaded from a site, like GIPHY for example).


To integrate a GIF file, simply drag and drop the «image» content block of the EmailBuilder into your message and insert your GIF (either the image itself or the URL if the GIF is hosted).

How and why use animated GIFs to engage your customers?


Integrating an animation can add value to the content of your campaign, attract the attention of your readers, increase engagement, and optimize your conversion rates as a result.


Feature several products in one image


Using an animated GIF allows you to showcase several products in one visual content item.  Not only is this a time-efficient way to communicate your message, but it also saves considerable space in the design of your email marketing campaigns



Liven up your email marketing messages


To sum it up: visuals, and in particular moving visuals , attract the attention of your readers and allow you to stand out from the crowd. An animated email will catch the eye and give you a modern and dynamic brand image.



Create a CTA


CTAs (Call-To-Action) encourage your contacts to interact with your messages. Creating animated CTAs will make them more effective!



Has this triggered your interest? Why not try it for yourself? Add a animation to your next campaign and see the result…



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