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Case Study: Interview With Oriol Duarri From OnlySushi

Case Study: Interview With Oriol Duarri From OnlySushi

Mailify: Interview with Oriol Duarri from OnlySushi


Eating delicious and fresh sushi has never been this simple with Only Sushi, a successful home delivery service in Barcelona. We have asked Oriol Duarri, Digital Marketing Manager of the brand, to tell us a little more about the company and his work within the company. In this interview, Oriol tells us about the project, how Mailify has helped him to increase sales and customer loyalty, as well as his favorite features in the Mailify tool.


Do you want to know what they are? Keep reading this interview!



Tell us, what is OnlySushi?


OnlySushi, a takeaway and home delivery service, started in the Eixample district of Barcelona. We offer good quality sushis at an affordable price and we produce on demand to serve only fresh and flavorful raw fish.


What is the story behind OnlySushi?


Like all restaurants who want to have their place in the market …this is the history of hard work, entrepreneurship and love for what we do.


How long have you been doing email marketing?


From the moment I considered that we had enough subscribers, I started looking for options to do email marketing. Actually, it’s been two years since we started working with Mailify.


How did you discover Mailify? Why did you need it?


“We found Mailify to be clearest and easiest tool to use”

We started to look out for an email marketing tool, among all the various providers on the Internet, we found Mailify to be the clearest and easiest tool to use.

I was a beginner in email marketing, so what I valued at that time was usability and support. From the beginning, I was guided and advised in a very kind and clear way, which ended up convincing me to be a regular customer of Mailify.


What do you think is the main benefit of sending email campaigns with Mailify ?


“With Mailify, you can see almost real-time statistics from the platform, one of the greatest benefits of the app”

With Mailify, you can see almost real-time statistics from the platform, one of the greatest benefits of the app. It integrates with PrestaShop, the software solution we use for our ecommerce, which allows us to automate the import of subscribers. It also facilitates the manual labeling of UTM parameters by Analytics configuring them for us …



How do you use Mailify? What type of campaigns do you send?


Thanks to the possibilities of segmentation, I work different contents for different groups of clients, for example: registered clients who have not yet made a purchase, those who visit many pages, generic campaigns for the total subscribers, sex, age … The possibilities only depend on your imagination!


What is your favorite feature of Mailify?


I don’t think I have a favorite feature, but I really appreciate how easy it is to customize the sender, the message structure, to have a large panel of templates, automate sending, create custom items, have a statistics panel, to have integrations available, A/B testing, Google Analytics …. They are too many things to be able to get to have only one favorite.


How has Mailify helped OnlySushi?


“Mailify has helped us generate new sales opportunities, humanize the brand and better connect with our customers”

Thanks to Mailify we have improved our relationship with customers, we have managed to get customers who hadn’t bought yet to enter the buying cycle, we have also increased web traffic and content distribution. Mailify has helped us generate new sales opportunities, humanize the brand and better connect with our customers.


What advice would you give to people who are thinking about implementing email marketing for their business?


First of all, see who you are going to work with, since data protection laws are not the same in all countries (Mailify complies with European regulations). Then, check the integrations they offer you, to save you maximum time from exporting and importing data. Look at the statistics and see if they are useful to you based on your goals. If you have more than 2,000 subscribers, use A/B testing in your campaigns to optimize the performance based on the behavior of the reader.

When designing the message, make a good structure, think well about the colors, the copywriting and be clear and direct. At the same time, do not insist too much, do not repeat yourself and above all, respect their privacy.

Oriol Duarri, Digital Marketing Manager at OnlySushi | LinkedIn

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