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Change in Gmail strategy

Change in Gmail strategy

TL;DR Don’t use a Gmail address as a sender for your email marketing campaigns!

Google will soon move their hosted mailbox services to DMARC policy, which means any emails sent out from companies with a gmail domain under the “From” address will be rejected.


Why so? To improve both UX and the safety policy on the platform.        

Gmail is not the first email provider to become DMARC compliant as Yahoo!Mail has already adopted said policy. Once the decision becomes reality, any recipients using Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail/ or any AOL addresses will not receive your campaigns any more.

At Mailify, we don’t want this policy to have such a negative impact on your outbound email.

In case you use a Gmail “From” address, we recommend you switch to an email address displaying your domain name. This will help your campaigns reach their intended inboxes, greatly improving your deliverability.

If you need a domain name of your own to send out campaigns, you can always let us know clicking here.






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