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Get More Love From Your Valentine’s Day Email Marketing

Get More Love From Your Valentine’s Day Email Marketing

This Valentine’s Day, millions of marketers will be emailing special offers and promotions to help consumers find that special something for their loved ones.

But how can they make sure their campaigns are effective? Here are three email “relationship rules” to ensure your Valentine’s Day promotion gets the love it needs:

Be responsive. In any relationship, it’s important to be responsive to your significant other’s needs. The rules of email marketing are no different. Making sure your email has a responsive design that can be easily read on any platform is the key to making sure it’s opened – and read. In fact, industry research shows that 70 percent of consumers instantly delete emails that aren’t formatted for their mobile device.


Get the names right. Ever gotten someone’s name wrong on a first date? That’s a surefire way to make sure you never hear from them again. When you get someone’s name wrong on email, of course, it’s even worse – your message isn’t even getting to them in the first place. According to Jupiter Research, more than 20 percent of email registrations contain typos. Mailify’s email auto-correct bails you out of this sticky situation, so your email to is automatically changed and sent to Auto-correct instantly improves the effectiveness of your subscriber list, without any extra work.

Break up with spam. If your email ends up in the spam folder, it’s looking for love in all the wrong places. The words and subject lines you choose can certainly help with this, but your email marketing provider is important, too. Some platforms like Mailify take extra steps to ensure the ISPs greenlight their messages, increasing deliverability through domain customization and auto authentication, hand-moderated campaigns, and more.

With a few days to go before Valentine’s Day, it’s the perfect time to reevaluate your relationship with your email marketing platform, and make sure you’re in the best position to get lots of consumer love this season. If not, it may just be time to move on.


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