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Landing Pages and email marketing: how to do it with Mailify Sunrise

Landing Pages and email marketing: how to do it with Mailify Sunrise

With Mailify Sunrise, you can create email marketing campaigns, landing pages and other resources such as: SMS, forms and questionnaires, etc… to attend a specific need. For example, creating a landing page that shows a product in sale and redirecting the recipients of your SMS campaigns there.

But first, let us begin by understanding what a landing page is, and why you should design it with our solution. A landing page is a web page with the sole purpose of converting visitors into leads.

Landing pages are known for being practical and quick to make – as they are made for a specific situation, such as the sale of product X. Although landing pages are simple to make, Mailify makes it even more practical!

Why would you design a landing page with Mailify Sunrise? The answer is: practicality! Our application offers an intuitive editor that allows you to create  your own web page with no previous experience… sounds cool, doesn’t it?

Why should you make landing pages to complement you email marketing campaigns?

A landing page is a great way to convert the user. In the case of a sale and an email marketing campaign that seeks to promote the sale: it is worth investing a bit of time in making a landing page that displays the star items and not much else.

That way, your user won’t have to navigate their way around your website looking for the sale in question. The loss of interest before reaching the desired page or looking for an item in a very crowded page – both are factors that push the user to abandon your website before buying anything at all.

How to make a landing page with Mailify Sunrise?

There are two options when creating a landing page:

  • A responsive landing page, which was designed to perfectly adapt to the reading device (perfect for promoting your page via email)
  • landing pages exclusively made for smartphone devices, with a simplified editing, made for promoting your page via SMS


With our solution, you can easily edit the design of the page so that it can better represent your brand. Let your creativity soar, and choose among the images and colours which will guide the user through your page with few distractions and lots of interest.

The use of images is crucial, especially when trying to sell anything. And so, try to dedicate a few moments to think of the images you will use on your landing page – be those images of your product or images from our image bank, provided by Getty Images.

All the templates offered by Mailify Sunrise are automatically responsive, which means they perfectly adapt your landing page so it can be read and enjoyed regardless of which device your users use to navigate their way through the internet.

Try to customize… everything!

The beauty of landing pages is that because they simpler than other pages within your website, it’s worth having a few landing pages for the same sale, for example.

You can make a landing page specifically for your male users and another one for the females – the pages can look the same but show different items. Or the pages can look completely different from each other, but show similar products. You decide!

All you need to do is to design both your landing pages and be careful to insert the right link for each of them in your emails or SMS. Mailify Sunrise for email marketing? Yes, but there is so much more to Mailify. Make the most of our app by using all of the features Mailify has to offer, and have a fully integrated marketing campaign with landing pages and SMS. With Mailify Sunrise, you can use the segmentation of your contact list to send the right links to the right people. Super easy!


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