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Why You Should Not Use A No Reply Email Address

Why You Should Not Use A No Reply Email Address

No reply in email marketing, say goodbye forever!

We have so many best practices in Email Marketing. But we also have some worst practices to avoid.

Among them is the use of a no reply email address:



Why Is It Harmful To Use A No Reply Email Address In Email Marketing?


Before answering this question, let’s define email marketing. Email marketing is when you send commercial emails to a (large) group of people in an effective way by using an email marketing tool. This tool is one of the most cost-effective, quick and easy-to-use tools to send campaigns to potential and existing customers. Now that we know the context, we can talk about what concerns us.

It is a common practice to include a no reply email address instead of giving an email address which allows people to reply to campaigns. For example, if you click on «Reply» to a newsletter, the email address that will appear will be something like this:»». So if a contact replies to the email, the company won’t get the message as it’s not a valid address. Therefore, your client will be frustrated as there is no really easy way to get in touch with you. Even if you leave a phone number – some customers just don’t want or can’t call you, they want to email you!

The recipients are disappointed by the lack of communication between the company and them. Today, with the emergence of social networks and web 2.0, a company’s main goal should be to increase direct communication to their customers and email marketing would actually be a wonderful way to do exactly that. But still, companies still don’t want their contacts to send them an email! How does that make any sense?

Add A Reply To Address


If you want to have a conversation with your contacts, it is necessary to give a valid email address. This will remove the frustration and improve your business-client relationship.

To add a reply to address in Mailify, you’ll have to go to the tab «Message» and click on the subcategory «Header». Here, in the field «Default Reply to address», you can insert an email address that enables your recipients to send you emails. You have the possibility to choose 2 different email addresses for the field «Sender» and «Default Reply to address» but we recommend you to use the same email address to avoid confusion.

Enabling a Reply to address will retain your users and allow you to stay in touch with them. Isn’t this why we do email marketing?




Avoiding A No-Reply Email Address Encourages Your Readers To Answer


It will also improve your deliverability rate because your mailboxes will recognize that your message is relevant for the recipient. This will further reduce the risk of attracting anti-spam filter’s attention.


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