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Think Millennials!

Think Millennials!

This title sounds like a futuristic film about a Martian invasion, but we’re not talking about the future. We’re talking about the real population that brands try to conquer as potential consumers and influencers and who should be considered as the target for any email marketing campaign.


Do You Live By And For Your Smartphone? Do You Use Social Networks? Do You Plan Your Trips Through The Network? Do You Shop In E-Shops?


If you answer is affirmative for at least two of these questions and you are currently between 20 and 35 years old, then you are part of them, you are a Millennial and the brands are fighting to get your attention!

This generation, the first totally digital, is the headache of many marketers in email marketing campaigns, who must dig deep into these questions to find their real motivations

To understand the factors that lead them to the action of buying, you have to deep in their insights, to dive into the emotions of the ocean of their mind… Millennials can make your brand navigate successfully, refloat it or… sink it!

To understand the factors that lead them to buy a product or service, you have to analyze their behavior… Millenials can make your brand successful or let you sink!


How Are They?


 Let’s start by trying to define them, although it is impossible to establish a single profile; Millennials are characterized by having the same «emotional» features: Impulsive, impatient, critical, demanding or volatile.

These new customers are not only looking for a good service, but they expect that the brands personalize the products according to their tastes.

Their purchasing decisions are no longer based on the price or the benefits of a product … Millennials prefer the experiences!

Experience marketing has arrived into the marketing strategies because it appeals to emotions as a decisive factor.

It is studied from Neuromarketing, our «reptilian brain», the most primitive area, moved by impulses, works by the stimulus-response mechanism, and is heavily influenced by emotions.

Emotions are the unconscious and automatic responses of the brain to sensory stimuli: The smell of a perfume, the sight of an ocean … everything triggers an unconscious emotional response.


Know How To Stimulate The Senses And Spark The Emotions Of Millennials? How Do They Consume?




One fact is clear: Millennials are a huge mass of young people who are extremely interesting to businesses due to the large volume of business they can drive, around 1.3 million dollars a year in the US according to the Boston Consulting Group.

Consumption habits can change according to the countries and it is important to segment the target well, but emotions are universal.

And there has to be an emotion to drive motivation and then action. According to an article from Neuromarketing blog, 95% of our buying decisions are unconscious.

What motivates us first comes through the senses and then awake an emotion that drives us to action.

The power of purchase of Millenials is that they are tremendously irrational, if they love anything, they go for it. And that impulse is related to the possibility of receiving an «instant gratification», a quick satisfaction of pleasure, rather than satisfying a need.

So we ask ourselves, what emotions may I stimulate? Some of the best ones are happiness, nostalgia, fear, shortage, urgency, ego or belonging.




An example of a well-targeted strategy for young people is the recent Spectacles glasses of the social network Snapchat. The success of these glasses is because it is possible with just a button located in the frame, to record videos and share them directly in Snapchat when connected to the mobile application.

The formula? Play with ‘insights’ based on scarcity + uncertainty + curiosity + community + fun = Conversion to big sales and object of Millenials’ desire.

Anyone who wants to make a sensation with this modern selling strategy must know that only a limited number of units are sold per day.

Beware! You never know the number of units that go on for sale, nor the exact location, until a few hours before thanks to Twitter posts.


How Do They have Fun?


Technology and devices have influenced the leisure of young people. According to digital marketing agency MRY, they tend to use their smartphones very often. 66% of Millennials use their devices to access different leisure activities.


What Are Their Activities?


 Mainly they interact in a group, consume, consult, buy and make and share content.

Returning to the previous case of Snapchat specs and their curious form of acquisition, it has been proven that consumers are not disappointed or feel abandoned if they do not get them, instead they consider themselves special because they are part of the group and share their adventures.

On the emotional level, one is appealing to the «fear of social rejection». Snapchat has managed to respond to another motivation of Millenials, their desire to be admired and accepted socially and feel part of «a community of chosen ones.»

They like to talk, share and recommend because young people rely on recommendations and stories or experiences that are in the network, rather than those issued by the brands themselves.


The Role Of Recommendation Has Taken A Primary Significance For A Brand To Achieve Greater Recognition


 We will have to talk to them in their own channels and maintain a bond before, during and after each interaction.

In this way we will have more chances of being viral or included in their publications, generating content about us in the best of cases.




How To Surprise Them?


 In this digital age of consumption through the network, Millennials don’t miss the opportunity, since they are accustomed to being connected practically all day long and the visibility and immediacy provided by their screens, reinforces their impulsivity in consumption.

My Humble Opinion published a post in which it says that 54.1% of young people up to 24 years of age said that they look at the mobile more than 10 times an hour.

A fact that does not surprise us since the main screen of entry to the network is the smartphone, and they use it mainly to communicate, consume and share content.

So one must go to the channels where they move like «fish in the water»: social networks, webs, blogs, forums, applications, tutorials and explainer video channels…

And… also via emails!

Yes, email is still very present among young people, it is far more efficient than any other social media. It is the most preferred channel of communication for both parties – companies, and consumers. Email marketing tools such as Mailify have made the task of creating and sending campaigns, an easy job.

A good idea for a marketing campaign would be, for example, send emails with video – the most consumed content on the Internet – so as soon as they open them, it will automatically reproduce.

It should be surprising for the recipients and for us since the content can be shared in their social networks and increase traffic to our website or landing page.


How Not To Annoy Them?


There is a thin line from ‘I’m loving it’ to ‘I’m hating it’ so you have to learn to understand the rules of the game with Millenials, as they are very sensitive to your online experience.

If the brand experience is positive they usually share it and recommend it, but if it is negative… you have to keep in mind that each comment or opinion can detract from market share.


Millenials Are Influenced By ‘Influencers’, But In Turn, They Are Great ‘Influencers’!


 You will have to be patient and go to their areas, social networks, forums and images and video apps mainly, which is where they often share their experiences.

And put into practice these two interesting concepts:

  • Story Building

According to Oriol Iglesias, director of the ESADE Brand Institute, «what is told, storytelling, is not worthy if it is not constructed with facts. What matters is story building and building involves conversation and participation.» 

  • Flawsome 

This curious term comes from: ‘Flaw’ meaning imperfect + ‘Awesome’ meaning incredible

It identifies brands that stand out for their imperfection, naturalness and closeness, factors to attract the Millennials.


How To Face Millennials?


In order not to lose the battle and achieve the triumph of being bought or recommended positively, it is highly recommended to do a previous exercise to identify their motivations and the underlying emotions.

Anticipate their interests by sending a message!

And do not give up, although we will never be able to control their impulses … we can approach their preferences and a greater success of conversions and engagement.

Author: Viwom

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