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Tips For Creating Great Relationships With Your Subscribers

Tips For Creating Great Relationships With Your Subscribers

With the countless email marketers out there, finding unique ways to stand out can be a challenge.

Fortunately for you, most marketers are unaware of fundamental communication skills they should employ when interacting with their readers. The majority of these mistakes commonly stem from marketer’s lack of understanding that their campaigns are sent to people, rather than to robots. Cluttered and over-loaded campaigns never get across properly. The same issue occurs with bland and dull campaigns that usually consist of too much text. When creating your email campaigns, put yourself in your subscriber’s shoes. What do you want to read about? How would you like to be addressed? How much do visual aesthetics matter to you?

Here are four essential tips that will improve your relationship with your readers and make them feel like the cherished subscriber that they are.

Make it personal

It’s always important to start off on the right foot. Referring to your reader by their first name is a very useful way to initiate personal communication. When marketers send campaigns in bulk, some tend to address their readers as “subscriber”. By doing that, you automatically restrict any form of relationship between you and your recipient right from the beginning. State your subscriber’s name in the subject line or the first line of your campaign in order to establish trust. Reader’s won’t open emails if they don’t feel comfortable, and this simple technique will provide them with a sense of familiarity.

Add value

The information you include needs to be useful and worthwhile. If you don’t know it’s different, interesting and attention-worthy, than your readers won’t think so either. Utilize information you know about your recipients to personalize your campaign further. Basing your emails on client’s shopping history or the past blog posts they visited, will show them that you care about them and what they like. Moreover, research shows that people are attracted to numbers. Draw their attention by using a sales promotional technique or by stating a statistic that’s relevant to what you’re talking about.

Balanced content

Determining the appropriate balance between images and text depends on the purpose of your campaign. For the most part, emails should not have too much of either. In a previous post, 5 Basic Design Tips for Your Email Campaign, we discussed research studies that indicate people are naturally drawn to images more than text. They also found through eye-tracking analysis that people automatically scan the left hand side of a website first and then skim through the rest of the content. Because of this, marketers advise putting important images on the left hand side of your campaign with text on the right. Another common tip is only having a few noteworthy images with concise content following afterwards. This ensures that your image is the first thing that catches your recipient’s eye, and that you don’t overwhelm your reader with a cluttered email.

Listen to your subscribers

Giving readers the opportunity to make comments on what they do or don’t like about certain aspects of your campaign or service is very important. It is one of the best ways to demonstrate to them that you care about their opinion and their satisfaction with your company. There are various ways you can help your readers provide feedback. One simple and successful way is to place a call-to-action at the bottom of your campaign before the footer. When readers click on your CTA, it can lead them to one of your company’s landing pages where they can fill out a contact form. You would be surprised by the amount of useful information you can hear from your customers that will help you improve your campaigns! Some marketers even like to incentivise subscribers to leave feedback by entering them into a contest or promotion.

These four tips will provide a great starting point for personal communication amongst you and your readers. Try out these tips for yourself with Mailify’s email marketing software. By creating a free account, you’ll have access to 1,000 free credits–no credit card needed.


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