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[Tutorial] Making an automatic welcome email with Mailify Sunrise

[Tutorial] Making an automatic welcome email with Mailify Sunrise

Email marketing automation is already a highly debated topic among marketing professionals around the world. After all, is it a practical way to save time and effort regarding your marketing team – at a very low cost. It’s only normal, then, that companies seek to automamize their digital marketing actions. It was also normal for Mailify to add this feature – and offer something of even higher value to our clients.

With an email marketing automation software, the sky is the limit. Everything will depend on your objectives – this tutorial is aimed at companies which have customer loyalty as an objective. And so, let us get straight to the point:

To start a good relationship with the customer, a simple welcome email may be the most budget-friendly solution. It’s very simple to setup and allows us to establish an immediate bond with the client.

The famous “Welcome email” is all but mandatory in digital marketing strategies. So let’s see how we can set it all up.

The advantages of having a welcome email with your email marketing automation system

Having an automatic welcome email comes with several upsides:

✓ Establishing a relationship of trust

✓ Caring for your image

✓ Push sales quickly with a sales code

✓ Saving time


This tutorial was made using the online application Mailify Sunrise. However, this process is quite similar in other softwares – so feel free to implement these steps on your own email marketing automation software.

For example, let’s make a welcome email to your newsletter. You must have created an online subscription form that is linked to a contact list – so you can have a steady flow of new subscribers to your newsletter. This contact list will be the very foundation of your “newsletters”.

Start your email marketing automation solution and follow these steps.

01. Start by creating an automatic campaign



02. Choose the contact list that is linked to your newsletter subscription form and give your automatic campaign a name



03. Choose the “Welcome” type


(Nothing too complicated up to here, right? Email marketing automation requires a bit of learning – but once you learned it, you will be an email marketing automation master!)

04. Click on the “+” button and add a message to your automatic scenario



05. Create your welcome email


If you use Mailify Sunrise like in our example, you’ll have access to dozens of email templates made by professionals. The email above is a welcome template which is available at the Mailify gallery.



To complete your message, you need to specify a subject line, a name, a sender and an email address for the answers. All of the elements of a regular email marketing campaign – with a little help from our email marketing automation software.

06. Once you have finished your email, activate your automatic scenario

And you’re all set!

Your automatic welcome email is ready. It will be sent every time someone subscribes to the contact list you choose at the beginning.  Now, your marketing department doesn’t have to worry about sending out welcome messages – your email marketing automation software has got that covered!

In this case, Mailify Sunrise is here to help you with smaller tasks such as sending out welcome emails.


To optimize your welcome emails, don’t hesitate to follow these recommendations:

✅ If you ask for information about your contacts at the moment of subscription (name, last name, etc), use this data to personalize the subject line and content of your emails

✅ Offer a discount coupon  

✅ To offer links to other content that can be used by the user

✅ Remember the details of the subscription (how often you send out emails, the type of content, etc)

✅ Check the statistics of your welcome emails to keep improving them



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