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Why do newsletters?  11 compelling reasons to do email marketing

Why do newsletters? 11 compelling reasons to do email marketing

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step…And taking the step of sending newsletters can be the start of a great journey between you and your customers.

Email’s not the new kid on the block.  But like an old action hero, it still packs a mighty punch and is a ratings winner today.  Despite all rumors email marketing is definitely not dead, but very much alive and beating social media results-wise for customer acquisition, purchase values!

It’s still relevant today for building your business, big or small.  For small business it’s one heck of a growth-hack and an essential marketing channel.  Contrary to some expectations, newsletters are not a tool reserved for large companies.  In fact, by their nature they can be very adapted to small businesses.  And thanks to email marketing providers, you can take the hassle out of sending emails and put the pleasure back into communicating with your customers.

So, here are 11 reasons why your business should be doing newsletters:

1. TRACK exactly what happened: get a quantifiable Return on Investment

You can quickly and easily know how much bang you got for your buck thanks to the stats of your campaign and links to Google Analytics.  You can know who opened your newsletter, who opted out, on which pages the subscriber went to and their path/journey on your website.

2. PERSONALIZE and customize your design

Email software is available and easy to use for anyone to be able to create campaigns and get them out the door.  Thanks to the WYSIWYG editor: what you see is what you get!  You don’t need to know HTML.  If you do know HTML, you can of course use this.

Even simpler: EmailBuilder.  Or existing templates are available to build upon and add your own content.

3. RESPONSIVE design

Emails can be made responsive, that is to say, they can automatically adapt to the device they’re being shown on: smart phone, tablet or desktop.

4. TEST beforehand

You can split your customer base into different groups and see what approach works best with them.

5. EASY to use              

The subscriber database, the design and the sending can all be directly managed by your team (or yourself!).

6. TARGETED communication

Emails allow you to target certain customers or to think about it another way, filter and segment to send the right message to the right people.  For example: for Mother’s Day you’re writing to husbands and children rather than the mothers.  The more detail you have in your database, the better you can slice and dice.  Where is the person located, what are their favorite products, age, birthday.  Get to know your customers better.

7. QUICK and flexible

Email allows you to respond quickly according to your business situation.  Sales are down, a new product is coming out, you’re opening a new store…whatever the event: let your customers know via a newsletter!  Email software allows you to welcome new customers, update subscriber profiles and promote products, make announcements and seasonal greetings.   This one tool can thus fulfill many different objectives.

8. Tailored frequency

We’re not suggesting flooding your customers’ inbox with messages.  Newsletter frequency is a delicate art of knowing what your customers prefer.  Too much and your customers will feel spammed.  Too little and you could miss out on a great opportunity to connect.  As always it’s best to test to know.

And given that your customers are not all the same, they’re not a homogenous mass; it may even be worth creating a subscriber group that you mail less, if they appear to be less active/responding less.  And similarly for very active customers, to contact more often.

It’s always dangerous to give a rule of thumb, however I’ll stick my neck out and say that two to three times a month is a good average.

9. It’s not paper!

Cheaper, faster and also eco-friendly.  The traditional process of artwork, printing, putting into envelopes and mailing is avoided.  There are no printing costs, no lead times, no paper used so it’s better for the planet.  Newsletters can be a quick and cost-effective way of reaching your subscribers.  Did you know in general 80% of response to newsletters occurs in the first three days after sending the message?

10. VIRAL marketing

From a spark to a flame, if your subscribers like what they read, they can share it with friends and family and provide viral marketing to you.

11. WHEN the reader wants

The majority of us check our mails everyday but we check when we want.  Email communication is thus less intrusive than calling someone on the phone or texting.

Key takeaway: newsletters are an affordable and rapid means of communication that give known ROI, and can be tailored to satisfy your customers’ needs and wants.  Email communication has been around for a while but it’s modernized, for example with responsive design.  Like a good pair of jeans it’s still a reliable choice!

So don’t hesitate any longer!  Take that first step and get closer to your customers.


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