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5 trends in the publication of digital outdoor advertising

5 trends in the publication of digital outdoor advertising

With the advent of digital, advertising platforms have received a number of changes. According to research, PQ Media DOOH occupies 28.3% of all OOH format advertising. This was the case in 2019. According to forecasts, by 2023 the indicator will rise 38.3%. That’s why this channel has gathered a lot of interest around itself. They allowed to make marketing activities more effective, and indicators measurable. This makes budget planning possible, taking into account the desired results. Today more about existing trends. 


  • Mobile Phones Sync

The combination of several technologies increases the chances that the message will be delivered to the target audience. The synchronization of mobile phones and outdoor advertising made it possible to contact the consumer directly by sending relevant offers. Thus, the billboard can initiate the sending of a message that will really be interesting to the consumer here and now. Before distribution, the software obtains user permission. For example, being at the airport, a person will receive a discount coupon in a nearby cafe. Such detailed targeting significantly improves the results, since it takes into account the circumstances and needs of the potential client, in contrast to the classical approach, where the advertisement is designed for a wide audience. Even personalization wasn’t particularly possible, because the advertisement covered a huge number of people for whom the value of the offer could be minimal.


  • Real-time Targeting

Another trend is targeting based on real-time data. And this helps advertising platforms to take into account the weather, humidity, season. Imagine a situation when a potential client drives to the beach in his car, it’s hot outside, but it turned out that he had forgotten his protective cream. An advertising message appears on the billboard offering to buy cream with SPF in the nearest store. Really amazing? It seems that such advertising will be much more effective than advertising sunglasses on a cold cloudy day. When advertising takes into account external factors, this is comparable to the fact that the advertiser reads the thoughts of the consumer. 


  • Data and Consumers 

With the advent of the possibility of analyzing consumer behavior and their reaction to advertising messages, it became possible to create a truly outstanding design and messages. Digital in external advertising is an opportunity to give the user what he wants. We are approaching the classical definition of marketing only in the 21st century, where marketing is the quality satisfaction of customer needs. Since we almost 100% know what is relevant for it now.


  • Integrated use of communication channels

This is not the first year that marketing experts have been talking about the importance of the integrated use of various channels. With the development of technology, it is now much easier to create effective strategies where, for example, social networks and dynamic billboards are combined. Thus, you can conveniently track the results and use end-to-end analytics even for outdoor advertising, identifying the most effective sources.

Remember, the presence of errors in the text of the advertising message can negatively affect the image. Therefore, it is important to check each advertisement using services of the Grammarly type, or to give it to special companies specializing in research papers. This will help to improve efficiency and build trusting consumer relationships.

Be careful, experts recommend using several channels at once in conjunction with this. Since it is very difficult to predict the results from advertising in the show now.


  • Simplification of the purchase of advertising platforms 

We are still at a stage where the purchase of outdoor advertising is a whole story. Long negotiations between the advertiser and the agency, the conclusion of contracts that take a lot of time, will soon exhaust themselves and die out.


Automation will come to replace, by attracting software. In the near future, the acquisition of digital sites of the external type will be no more difficult than the purchase of advertising Internet space. Advertisers will be able to order mobile and DOOH ads in one place.


This allows you to better understand the effectiveness of marketing activities and quickly respond to user behavior. Obviously, the future lies with analytic data and real-time optimization. Marketers will be able to use different advertising options as part of a single strategy.


  • Location-Based Advertising

The world is changing and what could have seemed fiction ten years ago is now turning into reality. The world famous double-decker buses in London are equipped with advertising screens. This will help launch brand promotions, given the move. Users will see ads from nearby stores and attractions. What is awesome for optimizing the budget for companies.



The development of technology allows marketers to improve the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. The annual number of advertising sites is growing, and familiar channels are being modified and become more progressive. In order to remain competitive, it is important to monitor market trends and use best practices.» target=»blank» style=»glass» background=»#108255″ size=»7″ center=»yes» icon=»icon: arrow-circle-right» icon_color=»#f8f9f9″ text_shadow=»0px 0px 0px

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