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Increase Your Website’s Conversion with Artificial Intelligence

Increase Your Website’s Conversion with Artificial Intelligence

The concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for some time. We’ve all watched movies that show prevalent use of robots and computers carrying out tasks normally done by humans.

While some people may find this idea of automation threatening to the human workforce, others embrace it and believe that it will aid humans by working smarter and more efficiently. In essence, this is what AI is all about: a machine that can complete a given task in a smart way, much faster and more efficiently than any human could.

This concept is closely tied to the idea of machine learning
, which is a part of AI, referring to the approach that machines simultaneously learn as they get exposed to new data. Automation here is key, and is what makes machine learning a powerful concept that drives quick and accurate results.

AI for marketing is currently a hot topic. The ability to handle billions of data points in a way that a real marketing professional would, but much faster and more efficiently, makes it the biggest and most applied implication of AI
for marketing at the moment.

One of the areas where AI can positively enhance a marketer’s job is website optimization; AI can now build an optimized website or enhance an already existing one, at a fraction of the time and resources it would have taken a human to do it.

Here are some ways that you can increase your website’s conversion using artificial intelligence.

Build an Optimized Website with AI

In the past, building websites was sort of a struggle where you had to choose everything yourself, from the theme and templates, to the colors and fonts, among many other design elements, and decide where to place them.

This is no longer the case with AI platforms. They gather big data on elements like a call-to-action button placement, pictures, and video, among others, that provide you with a fully optimized website for your sector or business. Having your website built for you within minutes while you sit back and enjoy your coffee is definitely a reality today.

Website building platforms like Bookmark, allow you to simply input your business’s key information and click a button. That’s it. If you don’t like the finished product, you can ask the AI to make you another one, and repeat the process until you’re satisfied. You can easily make small and simple adjustments at any time, too. It is a breeze and is changing the way entrepreneurs can get their digital presence up and running.  A question on a number of people’s minds is,
will AI replace designers in the near future?  Most likely not, but time will tell.

Enhance Your Existing Website with AI

While website optimization is a powerful aspect, it can be slow. For instance, Legacy A/B solutions only allow you to try one idea at a time and only one in six of those experiments is successful.

AI’s predictive analytics will effectively help you understand your customers’ online journeys and map them into segments based on behavior. This allows you to see, first-hand, how your customer is using your site and where they may be falling off. Consequently, there’s no more need for countless A/B testing of where to place certain call-to-action buttons and what colors they should be. AI will do the legwork for you.

This means that you can better understand where elements are best placed to heighten engagement and, ultimately, to increase conversion.

It goes without saying, too, that proper element placement exponentially increases conversion.  A call-to-action button in the right or wrong place makes all the difference. If a customer gets on your website, finds what they need but don’t know where to click to follow you or purchase an item, it means that you’ve lost a customer due to them getting frustrated by the lack of good element placement on your website.

There are various AI software tools available to you, too, that will empower you to test not just a single idea, but all your ideas, simultaneously.


Today’s world is fast-paced and technologically advanced, and most of us are oftentimes left with little hours in the day to finish what we started and to maximize our business’s potential. Everyone wants, and quite frankly needs, to do more with less.

This is exactly what artificial intelligence is all about — working smart to help individuals and businesses reach their goals and beyond. According to
, AI experts see the field further moving into a desktop publishing revolution, where software will do all the work by generating ideas and plans. Design work will consist of the AI tools doing all the work and proposing designs, with humans deciding
which ones to choose.

Embracing this change and the disruption of AI into marketing is your first step in optimizing conversions. Accept the inevitable and embrace artificial intelligence to stay ahead of the competition.


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