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10 Ultimate Blogging Secrets You Want to Unveil

10 Ultimate Blogging Secrets You Want to Unveil

No matter whether you’ve been a blogger for a while or you are just thinking about starting a blog, you might not know how to bring your baby to the top. And that’s completely okay because nobody can know everything. Well, today I’m going to unveil some of the most valuable successful blogging secrets that only a few bloggers are willing to share. So are you interested in what are those ultimate tips and tricks are? Then fasten your seatbelts and get ready for the journey that will change your life.

1.      Become a True Pro

First of all, if you start writing or filming videos about something, make sure that this is something you are actually good at because nobody is going to follow the advice of a person who has no clue what he or she is talking about. For example, if you are crazy about fashion, go ahead and start a fashion blog. If you fond of Sci-Fi literature and comic books, feel free to write some posts about those. If you like technologies, make some guides or tutorials. The point is that it has to be something you know really well since that will contribute to the quality of the content you make.

blogging secrets

However, if you feel like you are not a pro in the area you would like to work, don’t take it as a sign that you shouldn’t start anything at all. You can learn pretty much everything from Wikipedia or other resources so that the fact that you might not know everything mustn’t stop you. Well, do a little research, become a pro, and simply get it started.

2.      Don’t Forget About Spelling and Grammar

Traditional blogging is basically writing posts, which means that you are actually going to be a writer. Well, the only difference here is the fact that books are being checked by editors before they are published and you will have to check your posts on your own. So while you are writing another post, be super attentive and careful and if you are not completely sure of anything, google it and see whether it is correct. You can also use some tools that will help you avoid grammar or spelling mistakes such as Grammarly. In fact, this very spellchecker is completely free, so why don’t you give it a shot?

blogging secrets

Besides, you can ask your friends or family members to take a look at the text you are going to post. In this case, they will not only correct the mistakes you possibly have in the text but also say whether it is interesting and worth posting. So double-check all the mistakes and make sure you post quality content in your blog.

3.      Think about Design

Getting a professional blog means that you are going to launch a website. Well luckily, today getting one is not a problem anymore. Moreover, you can even launch it by yourself and save the whole bunch of money and the thing that made it possible is a web template. So for creating a website pretty much all you need is a template and some free time. One of the most popular templates used for blogging is certainly WordPress themes, which means that it might be the way to go for you. In fact, there is a vast variety of both free and premium themes on such resources and marketplaces as MasterBundles or WordPressOrg.

blogging secrets

In terms of design, you want to find a lovely theme that will emphasize your style as well as the topic of your blog. Apart from that, while choosing a theme you have to keep in mind some basic web design trends like minimalism or black and white color scheme, so your blog would look up to date. Well, go ahead and look for some fancy themes that will make your site the one and only.

4.      Use Visuals

No matter how interesting, useful, or fun your posts might be, nobody is going to read huge texts. So the only thing you can do in such a situation is to use more visuals. You can use some images, screenshots, funny gifs, or videos. You can take your own photos or use stock pictures. You can experiment with styles. It can be literally anything as long as it suits your blogging style and livens up your posts, so feel free to be creative as hell.

blogging secrets

All jokes aside, images are extremely important since they help you prove your point or demonstrate the data you present in the text. Besides, graphic elements make your text seem to be shorter, which means that more people would actually read it since they wouldn’t think that “reading this huge post is a waste of time.” So go ahead and look for some fancy stock images on platforms like Unsplash or MasterBundles or take some masterpieces by yourself and use those in your future blog posts.

5.      Be the One Who Is Always There

Perhaps the biggest success secret is frequency. In other words, you cannot just post something once a month and completely abandon your blog for weeks. At the same time, there is no point in posting something every single day since it is rather challenging and tiring and will eventually affect the quality of your content. So you probably want to come up with some kind of a schedule. For example, you can write two little informative posts per week and one big post that may include video materials or tutorials per month. Don’t forget to inform your followers about your schedule, so they would anticipate your new posts.

blogging secrets

In general, you are completely free to pick a schedule that you are comfortable with, the most important thing here is not to abandon our blog for too long.

6.      Interact with Your Followers

A good blogger is the one that makes his or her readers feel that he or she is their best friend forever. It goes without saying that the style of your texts should be friendly and likable, but there is another thing you can do in order to make your followers appreciate you and prefer you over the others. Well, this thing is interaction. At the end of your posts or videos, ask your followers to share their opinions about the stuff you just discussed in the comment section. Once your readers start commenting, do not hesitate and answer those comments or like the ones you think are funny or useful. In addition to that, you can come up with some giveaways that will no doubt make many people interested in you because who doesn’t like free stuff?

blogging secrets

Such an interaction will make a bond between you and your followers as well as create a friendly community. So do not hesitate and make that special bond between you and those who read your blog and you’ll see how fast your community will grow.

7.      Hype

On the internet, there is always something going on and you want to benefit from it. Viral videos, memes, scandalous stories, shocking news, etc. is something you always want to mention. Certainly, among all this stuff you have to pick up something that is actually relevant for your blog. In other words, speaking about celebrities in a blog dedicated to technologies would be weird. But when it comes to hype, you definitely want to get the most of it, so feel free to experiment with viral memes or mention the stuff everybody is talking about on the internet at the moment. Well, keep up with the latest news and trends and make your blog prosper.

blogging secrets

8.      Don’t Hesitate and Use Paid Traffic

Not many successful bloggers would admit that, but most of them used paid traffic, especially at the very beginning of their careers. So why can’t you use it? Well, of course, the main secret of successful blogging is creativity, unique posts, and stuff like that, but nobody would find out about you and your creativity if you do not promote your website at least at the first stages of its existence. So this is where paid traffic comes to rescue you.

Paid Traffic

Basically, the point of paid traffic is to promote your site and what is most important to promote it to those people who are actually interested in the topics you cover in your posts. In fact, it is a rather effective way to gain more visitors and followers. The only disadvantage here is the fact that it is a PAID option. However, once you get a certain amount of readers and website visits, you can totally continue blogging without it and rely only on your creativity and talent. To conclude, there’s nothing wrong with using paid traffic at the beginning, so do not hesitate and get it.

9.      Improve Your Marketing Skills

Once you become a famous blogger, you will be able to actually make money from it. Well, the amount of cash you can get depends on the amount of followers you have, so you definitely want to use all the previous tips and tricks in order to get more readers. However, there is another important thing that can influence your so-called ‘salary’ and this thing is your ability to sell. Most bloggers get paid for promoting various stuff to their subscribers, moreover, the amount of goods people actually bought using the promo code you give them influences the amount of money you will be paid. So you want to be the best salesman in the world.

Marketing Skills

Successful bloggers are constantly working on their marketing skills simply because it’s their job. So improve your marketing skills, become the greatest salesman in the world, and make tons of money from your blog. It’s simple as it is, isn’t it?

10.  Collaborate with Other Bloggers

Any type of collaborations is always beneficial, especially if you collaborate with somebody who has way more subscribers than you do. Certainly, reaching out to a truly famous blogger is quite a challenging task, yet nobody says that it is impossible and it’s definitely worth a shot. In fact, such cooperation can be different and everything depends on your creativity. You can film a video featuring another famous blogger who shares some tips and tricks or opinions about something. You can ask him or her to write a special post for your blog. You can ask them whether you can be some kind of a guest in their video or write a post for their website. Besides, if your niche is video games, for example, you can make some sort of a challenge with another popular in this very area blogger. Everything is up to you so don’t limit your creativity here since it is the key factor of success.

Other Bloggers

So to cut a long story short, find a person to collaborate with and come up with something really special and unique that will help you get more followers and, as a result, will make you famous.

Final Word

Nowadays, being a blogger is actually pretty popular. Moreover, it is a real job that can bring your real money and sometimes a lot of money. But what is most important is the fact that blogging is a great way to express yourself, show your creativity, and share your good vibes with the entire world. Not to mention that it is also a great means of communication for the introverts. So if you are currently thinking about starting your very first blog, do not hesitate and go ahead and do it because it’s definitely worth a shot.

Do you know any other successful blogging secrets that we haven’t mentioned here? Let us know in the comment section down below!


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