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Introducing Mailify Agency: The Full Service Email Marketing Agency You’ve Been Waiting For

Introducing Mailify Agency: The Full Service Email Marketing Agency You’ve Been Waiting For

Hidden away in an office at an undisclosed NYC location sits a small team of email marketing experts.

Until now, this team of digital marketers has focused 100% of their time on bringing Mailify to the masses – but their focus is shifting. Today, Mailify announced it’s plans to make it’s team of email marketing experts, deliverability geeks, and graphic designers available to you in order to help you make the most out of your email marketing.

The full service email marketing agency you deserve

Led by Mailify’s Chief Marketing Officer and international team of superheroes creative and technical specialists, Mailify Agency puts our team’s years of expertise to work for your business. While the agency itself as an entity is new, the team’s strength it derived from the combined years of experience accumulated in their respective areas of expertise.

Let’s be clear: this is not a team that will provide «tips and tricks» for your email marketing campaign. This is a full service email marketing agency that will peel your marketing strategy back layer by layer to craft an email marketing program tailor-made to fit your business needs and marketing objectives.

The Mailify Agency is about putting our expertise to work for the small businesses that have the most to gain from it. Email marketing is a tricky balance of art and science, so if we can help clients squeeze every ounce of profitability out of their marketing dollars while freeing them to run their business – that’s what we’re going to do.
– Eric Krattenstein | Mailify US Chief Marketing Officer

Services you can expect from our email marketing agency

Email Deliverability Optimization Email Deliverability Optimization
Custom Email Design Custom Email Design
Contact List Optimization Contact List Optimization
Full Service Campaign Management Full Service Campaign Management
Email Marketing Strategy Email Marketing Strategy
Result Analysis Result Analysis
Lead Generation & Aquisition Lead Generation & Aquisition

The process: actions, reactions, and results

From discovery to strategy implementation and analysis, your personal team of email marketing superheroes is here to provide the services of a large agency with the simplicity and efficiency of a small business.

The first step is to reach out to us for an initial discovery call. During this free session, we’ll discuss your business and objectives in order to start thinking about how our team can best help yours. Once we get an idea for what your business needs to succeed at email marketing, we’ll develop a custom proposal for you.

Once we really dive in, our team will analyze your email marketing strategy from all angles; database quality, relevance, historical analytics, deliverability, content, design and even competition.

From the analysis comes a plan with one goal: success. Each element of your email marketing campaign is carefully thought out and meticulously calculated to deliver maximum return on investment.  After execution of your custom email marketing strategy, our team breaks down the results to figure out exactly what worked and what didn’t. Building on these in-depth analytics, each email campaign is more effective than the last.


Sound like fun right? Let’s get started.

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