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Mailify featured in Website magazine, on SalesForce blog and more

Mailify featured in Website magazine, on SalesForce blog and more

December was quite “Holiday Campaigns”-centered as it always is. Mailify made the most of that period too.  Read where we were last month: below is a quick press review with what Mailify conveyed in the media.
Do you feel like the time you spend on your campaigns is disproportionate to the results you’re getting? With, you’ll get to know how to implement easy must-do and avoid don’ts so as to make sure your campaigns get the readers they deserve.


You can also ensure your next campaign hits all the right notes and check out these 5 Easy Email Testing Tips for Small Businesses by promotionworld, which will show you the pitfalls to avoid when thinking over your email marketing strategy. You’re never too cautious, are you?


Come on, you know if you don’t match what users(-to-be) are searching for, they are not going to click. Read our article on Salesforce and find levers to Maximize the Effectiveness of your Email Campaign.


Now. Your email campaign has been sent out. You need to know. Stop guessing at what worked, and start using these data-driven metrics thanks to Fundesco and Youngupstarts to streamline the time you spend on email marketing.


Now that you have tricks up your sleeve, we wish you great achievements sending your email campaigns in 2016!


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