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Mailify is now on the Prestashop blog

Mailify is now on the Prestashop blog

Mailify Sunrise, your favorite email marketing application of SMEs and one of the most popular ecommerce platforms, Prestashop, are taking their partnership to the next level!

Since being founded in 2007, Prestashop has grown to be a global community for online brands and retailers. The successful open source platform allows brands to design and manage their online store at a competitive price point. Prestashop serves over 800,000 companies, as well as developers and web agencies from all around the world.

A few years ago, we announced the launch of a new strategic partnership between marketing and ecommerce. We both developed plugins to be interconnected and Prestashop integrated Mailify Sunrise as a new feature on its website, allowing brands to sync the solutions. It is pre-installed and available on users backoffice. Similarly, Mailify Sunrise added Prestashop among the extensions of its email marketing software.

To streamline the email marketing task of businesses, all the contact lists are now synchronized from the online store. What a perfect way to send marketing campaigns  and, thus to save time! Segment, personalize, create forms, focus on other details as our features already make a part of the work.

Indeed, this marketing and commercial combination allows companies to grow soundly and efficiently. It improves the management of email addresses, emailing dispatches and personal datas. Moreover, it retrieves and segments sales data.

This collaboration allows companies to easily create email campaigns, to push their sales online and to train their customers. Note that recent studies show that even customers think that receiving recurrent messages might influence their buying behavior. Email campaigns and newsletters are therefore an important channel to utilize.

Simple and efficient, no need for you to struggle with your digital marketing anymore. Build qualified contact lists with the forms, import your lists into directly to your marketing tool. Manage your lists, especially your blacklist. Create manual or automated campaigns based on your recipients behavior, or particular dates and events, etc. Email content must be clear, organized and comply with rules and regulations regarding the use of licence-free images or the the unsubscribe link. Finally, evaluate your statistics: openings, clicks, unsubscribers… Analyze, compare, and use these result to reach your goals.

Stay up to date and visit our blogs to fully take advantage of these features available on our platforms: Mailify Sunrise and Prestashop.

You can now find our articles on Prestashop’s blog. There are available in several languages. See below!


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