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Mailify upgrades to version 6.5

Mailify upgrades to version 6.5

We have recently updated Mailify and added some new major features. You will find below the new features available in the application. We invite you to try them out. Thank you for your trust!

Smart Templates : the Smart email templates creator

Smart Templates is the first smart feature generating email templates. The tool analyzes your website and proposes in a few seconds professional and ready-to-use templates in your brand identity. Try it out!


How Smart Templates will change the way you create emails

  • Significant time saving
  • Templates designed for conversion
  • Unique and beautiful templates
  • A template for every use


Received campaign scenario

follow up scenario

You can now automatically follow-up the recipients of a campaign thanks to the new «Received campaign» trigger. Use one of our preset scenarios or create in a few minutes your own scenario that evolves according to the behaviour of your contacts. You can thus schedule in just a few clicks a follow-up email for the inactive recipients of your campaign and build loyalty among openers and clickers with a personalized workflow.

How to create a follow-up scenario with Mailify


Automation : add contacts to a list

mailify automation

When you create an automatic campaign, you can add contacts that meet a defined condition (opened, clicked, bounced, unsubscribed, etc.) to a list of your choice. Optimize your scenarios by adding, for example, contacts that have not opened any of your follow-up emails to a blacklist.


Shopify connector

mailify shopify

Connect your Shopify store to your Mailify account using our new Shopify Connector. Send personalized email, SMS & automation campaigns at the right time of your Shopify customers’ and subscribers’ shopping journey and optimize your communication!

Tell me more about it


Email retargeting : «page seen» trigger update

mailify Email retargeting

When a recipient of one of your campaigns comes to a specific page of your website from a link included in this campaign, he is automatically identified by a script that sets a cookie to track his navigation. You can thus trigger emails according to the pages that your contacts have visited on your site.

Explore this trigger


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