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Email Marketing For Real Estate: An Interview With New York State Association of REALTORS® Marketing Director Kristen Pooler

Email Marketing For Real Estate: An Interview With New York State Association of REALTORS® Marketing Director Kristen Pooler

Earlier this month, Mailify announced its partnership with the New York State Association of REALTORS® to become the organization’s preferred email marketing service.

We had the chance to speak with NYSAR Director of Marketing Kristen Pooler to ask some questions about what the partnership means for their members and why email marketing is such a key component of real estate marketing programs.

With a unique perspective resulting from years of experience working with tens of thousands of real estate professionals, Kristen is able to briefly discuss some of the challenges facing REALTORS® today, and how email marketing fits in to the solution.


Mailify: What is it about email marketing that is so beneficial to REALTORS®?

Kristen: Whether it’s prospecting for new clients or keeping in touch with former clients, email marketing is the quick, easy and least expensive way for our members to reach their target market. In addition to being able to include photos of their listings right in the email, it also provides the opportunity to link directly to their website or social media feeds for consumers to learn more about them and view their other listings. Plus, with email you’re able to see tangible results of how the email performed to help inform future marketing decisions.


Mailify: What marketing challenges do your members face?

Kristen: While email marketing may be easier and less expensive than other marketing vehicles, it also presents a challenge in that everyone else sees it the same way! REALTORS® are facing the same challenge as marketers in every industry – how to get consumers to take the time to read your email or postcard or pay attention to your ad in the local newspaper or billboard on the highway.

Another challenge is deciding how to spend their marketing dollars. Based on the National Association of REALTORS®’ 2015 Member Profile, New York Report, REALTORS® in New York spend a median amount of $420 annually on their marketing expenses. How to get the best bang for their buck is a major challenge.


Mailify: How does NYSAR use email marketing as an organization?

Kristen: NYSAR also recognizes email as the quickest, easiest and relatively inexpensive way to communicate with our members. We strive to be THE source for real estate industry news, which requires the speed of communicating that email is so great at providing. When there’s a victory at the state Capitol or a new law taking effect that impacts REALTORS®, email is always our go-to for letting our members know. Plus, we look to our email marketing efforts to remind our members of their benefits and to share association news.  In turn, we also face the challenge of how to get members to read what we’re sending them!


Mailify: How do you think your members will benefit most from Mailify?

Kristen: Mailify will give all of our members no matter how marketing or tech savvy they are the opportunity to create beautiful emails and newsletters with ready-made, real estate-specific templates so they can  better engage their target market. Plus, the world-class deliverability and comprehensive statistics detailing their open and click-through rates will make it easy for even the novice marketer to experiment with their emails to determine what works and what doesn’t. With the members only discount and the chance to send your first 1,000 emails for free, there’s really no reason why our members shouldn’t take advantage of this opportunity to turn their emails up a notch!

About Kristen: Kristen holds a B.S. in Marketing and Management from Siena College. She joined NYSAR’s Marketing Department in 2006 and became the Director of Marketing in 2011. Kristen also serves as liaison to NYSAR Real Estate Services, Inc., NYSAR’s whollyowned for-profit subsidiary, and NYSAR’s Young Professionals Network.

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