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Email Marketing Delivered: Mailify's Blog

Tips to improve your email newsletter results, stay up-to-date with our email marketing software features, and stay on the cutting edge of email marketing and newsletter tech news.

The Next Evolution Of Mailify Has Arrived

The Next Evolution Of Mailify Has Arrived

Today, Mailify rolled out the latest evolution in our email marketing application. Coupled with a more elegant and intuitive interface, the update includes new and upgraded features that respond to the requests from many of our users. If you are a current Mailify user, the free update will happen automatically the next time you restart your app. Here are the updates you can expect from this new version of Mailify:

A fresh design

It will probably be the first thing you notice. Our creative team has been hard at work redesigning the general appearance of the app, giving it a more elegant and modern look. Even more, the design has been refined to make the app simpler and easier to use.

New Mailify App Design

Simplification of the campaign creation process

In order to be more intuitive and save time, the campaign creation process was drastically streamlined. The advanced settings, often reserved for more experienced users, are now masked during the campaign setup and available only after clicking the «details» button.  Additionally, any extensions directly related to your campaign can be enabled and disabled directly from the campaign settings tab. Even better – the header settings have been streamlined and the storage options can be quickly edited directly from the EmailBuilder or campaign summary.  Campaign creation is faster and more enjoyable!

Easy Campaign Settings


With this important new feature, Mailify allows you easily create subscription forms that can be added to your website via HTML copy & paste or hosted with Mailify.  Once the extension is enabled, a «Create a form» icon will appear next to each contact list. Creating a form for a specific contact list ensures that any data entered into that form gets saved into an entry for that specific list. The best part about the FormBuilder is that is functions as a drag and drop creator, just like our EmailBuilder. The easy editor allows you to create robust forms, and even include images and other content areas to make the page and form as enticing as possible.  Like everything else Mailify, the forms created from the app are responsive – ensuring your website visitors can always sign up for your mailing list regardless of the device they are using.

Slider: images not found

Magento connector

If you were paying attention this summer, you may have noticed a couple of new extensions that were quietly released for testing and feedback gathering. The first of two major website integrations comes with our Magento plugin, which allows you to synchronize data from your Magento ecommerce site with your Mailify contact lists.  The plugin automatically creates contact lists using your customer’s contact information, as well as shopping behavior like previous order amounts and dates. More about the Magento extension ».

WordPress plugin

Like the Magento extension, Mailify’s WordPress plugin was quietly released over the summer to fantastic reviews. The comprehensive plugin has two major features:

Contact synchronization: In addition to automatically synchronizing registered users, the plugin allows you to easily create a signup form widget to gather newsletter opt-ins. Users and subscribers are automatically synchronized to Mailify contact lists.

Blog import: Mailify’s WordPress plugin actually allows website owners and bloggers to import content (images, text, etc) right from their blog directly into an email template! Choose which posts to import, the images, how much text to import, and even if you would like the «read more» links to be buttons or text links! More about the WordPress plugin ».


Besides all of these great new features, the latest release of Mailify features improved software stability for a more reliable platform, faster navigation, and overall better user experience.  The statistics system has also been upgraded to be faster and require less memory when displaying your in-depth results.

With this latest update, Mailify continues to stress the importance of of innovation and improvement as a part of it’s DNA and foundation for leadership in the email marketing landscape. If we start off the year with announcements like this, just imagine what we have in store for you in the coming months. Are you ready!?


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