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Why use an email service provider?

Why use an email service provider?

You can do things the easy way or learn the hard way

So why not make things easy on yourself?  An email service provider is like a one-stop-shop where you can get all your email marketing needs in one place.  

Under one ‘roof’ you’ve got: 


1. Your subscriber lists

Where you can slice and dice readers into sub-sections or segment to hone your messages and make them as relevant as possible

2. The design section

Where you can build your emails from ready-to-use often free templates, or from scratch if you’re HTML techie.  In addition email service providers can format or optimize your campaign design for different devices such as desktop, tablet and mobile.  (See my article on responsive mobile-optimized mails here.)

3. History of previous campaigns

Old newsletters that you can build upon

4. An A/B testing area

To test out different subject lines, contents or something else

5. The results section

To see what happened and use it to improve in the future


Email service providers will also give you better deliverability: they know and will follow the rules required about sending emails.  It’s a bit like having a ID badge around your neck so you can easily go in and out of a building.  So with their assistance, your newsletters should avoid the SPAM folder and land in your readers inbox.

They will should keep your communications legal, by including unsubcribe links in your newsletters or reminding you to put them in if you haven’t.

Some email marketing providers, such as Mailify, even offer a Cloud service so you and your team can collaborate on campaigns and share information, even if you’re in different offices.

Key takeaway: Email service providers do the hard work so you don’t have to!




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