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Building bespoke bulk email campaigns is intuitive with Mailify

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Take advantage of your high-quality data

Unlike other email marketing platforms, our bulk emailing software allows you to import as many contacts as you want with no restrictions. When it comes to growing your contact list, the sky really is the limit with Mailify. Our intuitive, user-friendly software takes care of bounces, opt-outs and complaints automatically as well as correcting common typos in email addresses. That way, you are free to focus on designing targeted campaigns safe in the knowledge that your email marketing tool has contact management under control. Read more

Intuitively craft the perfect bulk emailing campaign

Create elegant, bulk mail campaigns and save time and costs in the process with our flexible Email Builder. Drag and drop content blocks as you see fit and personalise your email with text, images and logos that reflect your brand. Use our bulk emailing tool to prepare the perfect campaign and get a preview of how it will appear before clicking ‘send.’ Read more


Ensure high delivery rates

We have dedicated the last 15 years to cultivating and maintaining a strong routing server reputation to ensure the highest level of deliverability for all of our users. It is the commitment of our team and the comprehensive but user-friendly nature of our bulk emailing tool that helps users to achieve their outbound marketing objectives. Read more

Boost your bulk email campaign response

Learn more about your contacts by getting a closer look at how they interact with your email campaigns and where in the world they are reading your messages from. With Mailify, you will gain access to all the important statistical data that can enrich your future email marketing campaigns. Enable Google Analytics tracking within Mailify and get an even bigger picture of customer behaviour, allowing for more targeted email campaigns. Read more

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