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A bulk email tool that combines intuitivity with efficiency to boost productivity


Organise your database

Load all your marketing contacts for use in our bulk email tool either through import or synchronisation with an existing list. Mailify efficiently deals with bounces and opt-outs as well as correcting incorrect email addresses with predictive technology. That way, you can save time and boost productivity!


Build email campaigns

Take advantage of our drag and drop EmailBuilder to create bespoke, responsive campaigns to send to your contacts. Either start from scratch and code your own or choose from our extensive template library.


Ensure successful delivery

For the last 15 years, Mailify has been committed to improving campaign deliverability for all our users to ensure your emails reach the inbox, not the spam folder of your target contacts.


Track your performance

Most bulk mailing tools offer minimal reporting capabilities. With Mailify, you get unlimited access to campaign data through streamlined reports that show the statistics and the story behind them. With this information, you can evaluate the performance of your campaigns and make the data-driven decisions on which elements need adjusting.


An all-encompassing bulk email tool for your business

While Mailify provides an efficient solution for beginners, there are also a range of advanced features that more experienced professionals can take advantage of: A/B testing, Wordpress integration and Prestashop connectors and lead form customisation to name but a few.

Don’t take it from us: download the app free of charge to get a taste of how our email marketing tool allows you to send campaigns with ease and efficiency.

Learn how to manage your contacts

1 Upload or sync your contacts

Import your current contact list from an existing database or an address book in your email provider. Alternatively, you can upload a trusty excel or text file, or even just manually update your list with new subscribers. Our platform is designed with flexibility in mind; it can adapt to meet your unique requirements and comes equipped with a range of bulk mailing tools to help you get the most out of that high-quality data.

2 Use filters to segment your data

Looking to send hyper-targeted campaigns to your marketing contacts? Add as many fields to your contact lists as you like and use these to filter your search in line with your campaign objective.

3 Mailify optimises your data

Our bulk email tool identifies and automatically corrects common errors in email addresses to ensure a successful delivery every time. Mailify will also take appropriate action on opt-outs and complaints to save you time, maintain your positive sender reputation and boost ROI in the process.

4 Add an e-commerce extension

If you’re running an e-commerce store and want to synchronise the contact data from your shops to your marketing lists, you can count on Mailify to take care of it. Now you’re free to focus on crafting that next newsletter while we handle the technical stuff.

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Design elegant email campaigns in no time

A user-friendly email campaign editor

Whether you choose to start with a blank canvas or an existing layout, you can just start adding content by dragging and dropping your chosen blocks: an image, a poll, a call to action and that all important body text. Mailify gives you complete control over the design, structure and content of your email, encouraging creativity by making customisation intuitive.

An extensive image library

Support the text of your email marketing campaign with a photo that illustrates the message. Choose from more than a thousand royalty-free photos in our built-in image library and use our photo editing tool to adjust your pictures as you see fit.

Mailify comes with over 200 email campaign templates

Our extensive selection of predesigned templates are crafted by professional graphic designers; they can be used for free and adjusted according to your brand guidelines.

Responsive by design

When designing your email campaigns, you won’t have to worry about making several versions to fit the screens of different devices. Mailify automatically ensures your campaigns are responsively designed to adapt to the screen they are opened on.

Smooth delivery, strong reputation

Mailify is dedicated in ensuring the delivery of your campaigns to their target inboxes, bringing high-calibre servers with recognised quality and cutting-edge routing technology to help you avopid spam folders at all costs.

Round-the-clock monotiling

We keep a close eye on the reputation of our servers and use an integrated, anti-spam program to maintain the strong reputation we have cultivated over the years.

Manual adjustments

Mailify’s expert moderation team works to boost your chances of campaign success by making adjustments to campaigns where necessary.

Recognised for our quality service

Mailify is listed as a highly reliable provider by the Association of Marketing Professionals and is a fully registered member of the SNCD. When you choose our service, you get peace of mind that you’re working with the best.

Our bulk email tool brings invaluable insight through detailed statistics

We compile all your campaign data and provide access to streamlined reports on your email performance. That way, you can determine your key performance indicators and learn from your data for future campaign success.

1 Complete campaign reports

From the open, click and reactivity rate to the bounces and opt-outs, Mailify uses sophisticated bulk mailing tools to measure every element of your campaigns. With access to a wealth of information, users can better understand how to improve their approach.

2 Customer behaviour tracking

In order to help you understand what drives and motivates your customers to click through and make a purchase, Mailify records every interaction or preference through market-leading behavioural tracking tools.

3 Intelligent retargeting

Once your campaign is sent, Mailify compiles the results and allows you to filter your recipients according to how they responded to the email. That way, you can re-engage inactive contacts and improve the ROI on your email marketing.

4Simple Google Analytics integration

Enable Google Analytics tracking within Mailify to make the most of your data. Discover how your email campaigns impact your website traffic levels and what drives your email recipients to make a purchase.

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Take your email marketing to the next level with our bulk email tool

With a diverse range of bulk mailing tools integrated into our platform, Mailify is designed to meet the needs of our users and promote marketing campaign success. Make the most of our email marketing software by customising it to suit your needs through the addition of extensions, such as A/B testing tools, Google integrations or email previewing functions.


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