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Work as a team

CloudPro offers you the ability to work as a team on your email campaigns, like you're using the same computer! With exclusive access for certified users, your files remain private, and at the same time your project can move forward.

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Create as many user accounts as you wish and administer everybody's usage rights from your admin account.

When administering the usage rights, you may decide who can access or amend campaign data and allocate routing credits. Always keep control on your team's actions.

Co-work live with the same environment

With CloudPro, you can work as a team on your email campaigns as if you were using the same device.
This service makes it possible to co-work in Mailify, which means you can share data with several user accounts. Share and synchronize your campaigns, contact lists, black lists, and templates with other users. New, amended, and removed items are updated live for all users.
Your data is accessed only by people you have authorized to do so.

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Share routing credits, administer usage rights, and sending quotas

As the administrator of the account, you can share the credits you have with authorized users you have identified. You can decide how many credits each user may spend per month or per year. The administrator can also decide which user may send campaigns and can also identify somebody else as the administrator.
Besides, each action the users have taken with the account you shared are saved so that you know who did what, and when.

Store your data safely for an unlimited time

All your data are saved on our secured servers for an unlimited duration (the time period will be 12 month if you do nor register to the CloudPro option). CloudPro is safeguarded by an authentification and an SSL encryption. It is also certified by the Thawte and Digicert organizations.

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The CloudPro is available at $99 per user per year.

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Activate it from the app!

Launch the application. Go to settings and click Cloud to subscribe to the offer.

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