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Mailchimp vs Mailify: Looking for an app better than Mailchimp?

Are you looking for an email marketing app that is better than Mailchimp?
Yes, Mailchimp is a popular solution. But its lack of customer support makes many users look for other tools as an alternative. Also the lack of additional fetaures, such as SMS marketing, and free, unlimited support, make Mailchimp not the ideal solution for certain companies.
We have prepared an overview of the differences between Mailchimp vs Mailify, so you can choose which tool suits you best based on the services, features, and pricing plans it offers.

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Mailify is an all-in-one marketing solution based in Europe. The platform allows you to manage your marketing campaigns independently (both email and SMS). It includes an award-winning template editor and landing page creator to complete your marketing campaigns. Unlike Mailchimp, Mailify provides all users with a dedicated customer support service that is 100% unlimited and free.

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Mailchimp is an efficient platform for email marketing campaign management. Based in the USA, the tool has all the necessary features to manage your email marketing campaigns, such as: importing contacts, managing templates, etc. The free version, despite being limited in terms of functionality and deliverability, has helped Mailchimp achieve the popularity it enjoys today.

Mailchimp vs Mailify: The features

Both applications, Mailchimp as well as Mailify, offer features that allow you to send newsletters and automated marketing campaigns (i.e. campaigns sent based on certain events or actions).
However, if you want to send SMS campaigns, Mailchimp does not offer this possibility.
Unlike Mailchimp, Mailify offers an anti-spam test which helps you gauge the probability of your email reaching the inbox or falling into the spam-folder instead (plus some tips to improve it!).
Also, if you're concerned about protecting your data, you need to consider where your data is stored when choosing a solution. Being registered in Europe, Mailify offers the maximum security guarantees and compliance with all applicable rules and regulations.

  Mailchimp Mailify


SMS Marketing

Marketing automaton

Anti-spam test

Data hosted in Europe

Mailchimp vs. Mailify: Services and pricing

To find the perfect tool, it is essential for you to have a balance between cost and desired service.
In the case of the Mailchimp subscription, the service includes all the functionalities described in the table above, as well as English online documentation.
The Mailify subscription also includes in its price a dedicated support in English and expert support at no extra cost. It also allows you to have an unlimited number of contacts, while Mailchimp's pricing are limited to the number of contacts in your list.

  Mailchimp Mailify

Online documentation

Phone support

Experts at your side

Free customer service

GDPR Guide


The GDPR is a European regulation intended strengthen the protection of personal data that came into effect on May 25, 2018. As an European-based company, Mailify is fully commited with it and put in place all the needed rules.

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So, what should you choose between Mailchimp vs Mailify?

After carefully considering the features, services and pricing of both tools, you are now able to be a well-informed choice between Mailchimp or Mailify. To summarize, we recommend opting for Mailify if you are looking for a solution based in Europe that also offers:
- Features for sending SMS campaigns
- Free and unlimited technical support
- Data storage on European servers

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