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High level delivery

The PRS (Professional Routing Service) has become indispensable for Mailify users, whose numbers are growing every year. To satisfy the growing demand and stay ahead of the game, Mailify has reinvented the routing version 2.0 to include an increased sending capacity and an even more specialized deliverability.

Gestion de l'authentification, des NPAI et des Plaintes

Bounce, complaint, & authentication management

We automatically look after all the authentification techniques: SPF, Sender ID, DKIM...The system detects and automatically sends back in the software the bounces and complaints.

Veille & relations avec les fournisseurs de messagerie

Monitoring and email client supplier relations

We regularly exchange with all the ISP (Internet Service Providers) and email clients worldwide. This allows us to follow our deliverability and to rapidly act if a problem is detected.

Dynamic IP Routing

Dynamic IP routing
for optimal performance

Dynamic atttribution system of the best IP addresses available, according to feedback analysis, for an optimal delivery.

Réputation surveillée 24h/24

24/7 anti-spam
reputation monitoring

The reputation of our infrastructure is constantly under watch by a monitoring and anti-spam system. Campaigns are checked in order to guarantee reputation and obtain the highest level of delivery.


Professionally secured infrastructure

To process and secure your data, Mailify relies on an eco-friendly, high-security datacenter that's supervised 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

All sensitive data is stored on servers behind a permanently maintained firewall, offering quality and security guarantees comparable to banks. Moreover, your data will never be shared with third parties. Only select, authorized employees have access to your account to manage customer relationships.

Your data is also backed up on many different locations. We've implemented several techniques to assure the high availability of our systems (99.99%), especially to ensure recovery in the case of a network failure.


Mailify is a member of the SNCD, partner of ADETEM and respects the recommendations of the CNIL. Mailify is also a MAAWG member, a worldwide anti-spam organisation.

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