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How to send my first email campaign?

It will take no more than 4 minutes to watch and learn how to create a stunning email marketing with Mailify.

Check Select recipients, analyze email addresses, remove opt-outs, bounces and correct email addresses where needed.

Check Choose the subject, the From address and name appearing. Don't forget to personalize your newsletter!

Check Design your newsletter template: start from scratch, customize one of our templates or import your HTML.

Check Be sure to test your campaign and check everything seems fine (including e.g. your opt-out link).

Check Send the campaign immediately or set a schedule date for deferred sending.

Check Analyze the campaign results, improve your email campaigns' efficiency and leverage the power of email marketing!

Take Mailify for a 30-day test drive and experience the power of simplicity combined with efficiency for yourself. Reach your email marketing goals!

Contact management

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Import your contacts

Import files from Outlook and other excel or text files - even manually copy and paste if you want. Mailify adapts to your working habits.

Personalize and target

Personalize your contact lists as much as you want (names, titles, positions...) and send targeted emails using Mailify's advanced recipient filters.

Mailify helps out

Mailify helps out

Our email markteing software automatically detects and corrects common typos in email addresses while automatically managing bounces and opt-outs. These tools are built so you can maximize your email campaign's ROI.

E-commerce synchronization

Do you use WordPress, PrestaShop, or Magento? With our ecommerce email marketing connectors, your can synchronize contacts from your stores and blogs with Mailfiy! Save time and be more effective with your email campaigns. Read more about our extensions

Easily create email templates

Easily create email templates

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An easy drag-and-drop email designer

Start from scratch or use a professionally designed template to quickly create your beautiful email newsletter or marketing campaign. Take creative control over each element of your message.

Free stock image library

Save time and energy by using our image library complete with over 1,000 completely free stock images.

Over 850 email marketing templates

Pick from any of our free email marketing and email newsletter templates professionally designed by our expert team. Customize them to match your brand!

Automatically responsive email templates

With the EmailBuilder, your email templates are automatically responsive - no tech experience needed! Want to know what the mobile version will look like? Just check the live preview!

A trusted reputation for email delivery

We maximize your chances of success with cutting-edge technology and a trusted sender reputation. Rely on our email marketing solution to get your emails to the inbox instead of the junk box.

24/7 monitoring

24/7 monitoring

Our delivery infrastructure is monitored 24/7 so we know our servers are always running at peak performance.

Staff-manned moderation

Staff-manned moderation

Our moderation team reviews each email campaign manually to ensure the highest levels of deliverability.

Proven quality

Proven quality

Mailify is a member of the SNCD, and partner of ADETEM. Mailify is also a member of MAAWG - a worldwide anti-spam organization.

Insightful statistics, smarter email campaigns

It's time to measure your success. With Mailify, you'll have access to tons of valuable statistics that will help you measure your impact and guide your future email marketing campaigns.

Comprehensive reports

Comprehensive reports

Opens, clicks, bounces, opt-outs, most popular links, email clients, and social media engagement are among the long list of information at your fingterips.

Behavioral tracking

Learn more about your recipeints: what their interests are, the links they click, which emails they open, and even from where!

Targeted campaigns

Use Mailify's recipient filtering to send campaigns to users based on their engagement with previous email campaigns.

Google Analytics

If you use Google Analytics for your website, you can easily connect it to your Mailify account and monitor your email campaign's impact on your web traffic.

Do more with Mailify

Do more with Mailify

Make the most of our advanced features for an email marketing solution that fits your needs and increases ROI.

A variety of extensions are available to all Mailify users including Inbox Preview, A/B Testing, FormBuilder, Google Analytics, and even WordPress blog content import.

What other apps can you sync with Mailify?


Connect your blog with Mailify to synchronize your contributors and subscribers' email addresses with your contact list in Mailify, create a custom contact form for your blog, import colors styles from your blog, automatically import your posts to your campaigns...

Google Analytics

This module lets you know how much of your website traffic comes from email marketing campaigns. This helps you identify patterns that make a campaign successful to be able to use them for future newsletters.


This drag&drop editor integrated in the Mailify app allows you to create a landing page with a form. The information filled in these forms syncs automatically with a contact list in Mailify. Create landings and forms in a couple minutes!


You can create targeted and personalized newsletters using data from your online store. Sending customized campaigns has never been easier!


As with PrestaShop, if you have a Magento ecommerce you can automatically sync information from your store with Mailify and create customized newsletters.


Preview what your newsletter template will look like with the most used email clients. Sometimes some elements of your message don't look the same in Outlook as in Gmail or in Yahoo. You don't need to create an address with all email services, use Mailify preview instead and save time!

Microsoft Dynamics

Another option is to send targeted newsletters using the Microsoft Dynamics extension to import information about your contacts just before you send your campaigns.


This extension is used to sync a form on your website with a list of contacts in Mailify, so you don't need to download and import it.


Mailify connects with the other softwares you use so you can receive notifications from different events related to your campaign being delivered, opened, clicked...

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