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The keys to a successful email marketing campaign

What is an email marketing campaign?

Email marketing is the act of sending emails, advertising or similar to a lot of recipients at once. An email marketing campaign is a widely used method in marketing to attract prospects, retain customers, promote a product or to inform a large number of people through email.


How to make an email marketing campaign?

Here are the most important steps to keep in mind when creating an email marketing campaign:


Import your contacts

Add your recipients to a contact list and fine-tune this list by segmenting it. This will allow you to easily define the target groups for your campaigns.


Write your content

Here you really need to write the message, work on the layout and images, and add call-to-action buttons (CTA). You also need to set the subject line and select the sender name.


Send the campaign

The key to a successful campaign is its ability to reach the inbox. It is recommended to use a professional email marketing tool that has been developed for this purpose in order to ensure good campaign routing.


Analyze statistics

Reviewing the results after sending an email marketing campaign allows you to measure the performance and ROI. Learn from the statistics be even more successful the next time.

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Find out how Mailify helps more than 217 283 companies make their email marketing campaigns

Before you submit your newsletters, you need to find the email marketing tool that fits your needs, Mailify for example.
Our email marketing tool lets you manage your contacts and recipients and also helps you create responsive messages (optimized for display on phones and tablets) using an intuitive html editor.
We also make sure that you benefit from an ideal deliverability. To do this, we use proprietary REVO technology on our professional routing servers, which are protected and whose reputation as a sender is constantly monitored. So we avoid the spam box to the maximum.
Mailify is one of the most comprehensive email marketing solutions available on the market today and features powerful and unique features that meet the needs of professionals and beginners.

Advanced features. Multiplied efficiency.



check_circle Unlimited import (csv, xls, txt, sql)

check_circle API list

check_circle Advanced multi-criteria targeting

check_circle Automatic removal of duplicates

check_circle Correction of incorrect addresses

check_circle Detection of gender

check_circle Automated management of opt-outs and bounces

check_circle Automatic management of blacklists

check_circle Form builder



check_circle EmailBuilder Drag & Drop

check_circle HTML editor / WYSIWYG

check_circle Add attachments

check_circle Library of royalty-free images

check_circle Add dynamic personalized fields

check_circle Automatically responsive



check_circle Proprietary REVO™ technology

check_circle Dedicated domain name

check_circle A/B Split Tests

check_circle Preview

check_circle Sending of tests

check_circle Checklist before sending

check_circle Scheduled dispatches



check_circle Global Geotracking

check_circle Generate detailed statistics reports

check_circle Individual behavioral tracking

check_circle Calculation of the reading time

check_circle Email provider detection / reading device

check_circle Retarget inactives

check_circle Behavioral targeting

check_circle Google Analytics extension

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