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Mailify Extensions

Split-testing, Google Analytics statistics, even connectors for Magento, PrestaShop, and WordPress. Activated some or all of these extensions in the Mailify software, and they're free!

Extensions Sarbacane Desktop

extension thumbnail Split Test

Test subject lines, sender name, and message content with a sample of your list and send the winner to the rest.

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extension thumbnail Google Analytics

Track the traffic generated by your Mailify campaigns within Google Analytics with this easy extension.

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extension thumbnail API / Contact lists

Activating this extension makes it possible to add/modify/delete data in your contact lists using the API.

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extension thumbnail GetInBox

Preview your campaigns in various email clients with GetInBox before sending them.

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extension thumbnail PrestaShop

With this connector, you can synchronize email contact lists with data from your PrestaShop account...

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extension thumbnail Magento

With this connector, you can synchronize email contact lists with data from your Magento account...

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extension thumbnail Wordpress to Mailify

Automatically create email campaigns using data from your WordPress articles.

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extension thumbnail Form Builder

Create forms to capture contact's data and add it to your email contact lists.

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extension thumbnailMicrosoft Dynamics

Synchronize your contact lists with data from Microsoft Dynamics.

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extension webhookWebhook

Notify your apps an event occurred (click, open, etc.) through HTTP requests.

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What is email marketing

Email marketing, bulk email, mass email... Whatever you call it! There are so many different ways to call it, but let's explore them together:

Email marketing definition

It consists in sending periodically commercial, promotional or informative messages via email to people who subscribe to such information.

Newsletter definition

The email marketing message you send is called newsletter. Like any printed version, it contains information about a specific topic.

Newsletter template definition

A newsletter has an HTML format. But if you don't speak HTML you can easily edit newsletter templates with Mailify editor.

Bulk email definition

'Bulk mail' can often be misinterpreted as a synonym for junk or spam emails. But the term 'bulk' actually means that the message was sent to a large number of recipients.

Mass email definition

Mass email is a synonym for bulk email. It can also have a negative meaning because of all the spammy emails we receive, but it's important to understand that mass or bulk don't necessarily mean spam: everything relies on recipients opt-in, not quantity.

What are the advantages of using email marketing?

Sending newsletters is very effective for several reasons:


It requires a lower investment than other channels


The ROI is 4,300%!


You spend less time in preparing and creating a campaign than other channels.


Email marketing triggers specific behaviors from the recipients: visits to your website, orders, registration to your event to come...


You can easily target your message so your recipients receive the newsletter tailored exactly for their profile


And can as well customize your newsletters with all the information you have about your contacts


You have a free, instant and detailed report of all the campaigns you send

Can anybody send a newsletter?

Yes! And that's another advantage! Companies, associations, NGOs, schools, freelancers... We can all use email marketing to communicate with the world. If what you're looking for is to convey a message in an efficient and direct way, email marketing is for you!

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