The FormBuilder extension allows you to create subscription forms for your website that will synchronize with your Mailify contact lists. Get creative and ask for additional info to create targeted lists.

  • AvantagesCustomize and style your form
  • AvantagesGet to know your clients and prospects
  • AvantagesUse the information to customize campaigns

How to use the extension ?

  • FormBuilder


    In Mailify, go to "Extensions" and enable the "FormBuilder" extension. A "Create a form" button will now show in the Contact Lists tab for each of your contact lists.

    See full tutorial

  • FormBuilder


    Customize the forms you create as if you were using the EmailBuilder: modules, images, colors, fonts, sizes, etc...
    Choose the fields you want to add to your form. Once filled in, the data will be added to your contact list in Mailify. Use it to target your recipients and better customize your campaigns.

    See full tutorial

  • FormBuilder


    Display the form in your browser by clicking "Preview"
    The forms created with the FormBuilder automatically adapt for use on mobile devices.

    See full tutorial

How to activate this extension?

  • Install Mailify
  • Create your free account
  • Activate the extension
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