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The GetInBox extension adds another "Preview" step when preparing the campaign. You may preview what your campaigns look like on mainstream messaging services before sending. Like a mirror, you are provided a high definition printscreen of your email in various clients so that you know how improve your campaign.

  • AvantagesTest your email with about twenty of the most popular messaging services on the market.
  • AvantagesInstant results. You don't have to wait more than a couple of seconds.

How to use the extension?

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    Activate GetInBox in the Mailify Extensions menu.

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    Once the extension has been activated, the Preview step becomes available while creating your campaign.

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    Test before sending

    Check messaging services you wish to see before starting the test, then start it and double click on icons to see corresponding previews.

How to activate this extension?

  • Install Mailify
  • Create your free account
  • Activate the extension
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