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SpamAssassin plug-in for Mailify

Sarbacane vs spam-assassin

The SpamAssassin plug-in for Mailify is built into the application and gives you the possibility of testing the content of your emailing campaign to find out if it may or may not be considered spam by your recipients’ email clients.

Based on your wording, the structure of your message and the email HTML build, l'algorithme SpamAssassin returns a "spam score” and estimates the likelihood of being sent to the spam box. Use this analysis to modify your content and guarantee excellent deliverability.


Built into Mailify


Enhance deliverability


Enhance your campaigns over time

How to activate the plugin?


You don’t have to do anything at all to use the SpamAssassin plug-in. No installation is necessary as the tool is directly built into Mailify irrespective of your subscription offer.

1 Log in

Log in to the Mailify application or create an account for free.

2 Create a campaign

Create a standard or automatic emailing campaign.

3 "Test & Send”

Find the plug-in in the "Test & Send” step in the campaign creation process.

4 Start the test

Click on "Begin test” and discover your email score. If it’s more than 5, your message is considered potentially undesirable.

5 Correct

(Optional) Modify your email until the test comes out positive and then send!

Create interesting processes to keep your parnter up to date on your contact list activity and automate tasks to help you with your daily work. For more information on the SpamAssassin plug-in for Mailify, see the guide.

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