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The A/B Split Test enables you to improve your campaign's efficiency. Test 2 versions of a message on a sample selection of your database, then send the winning message to the rest.


Test the sender, the subject line and even the content of the email


Improve the efficiency of your email campaigns

How to activate this extension?

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    Go to the "Extensions" menu, activate "Split Test". An "Activate the A/B split" check box can then be selected while configuring the settings of a particular campaign.

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    When the box is checked, another step appears in the left-hand menu that says "A/B Split".
    The A/B split may test the sender field, the subject, or the email itself (sender+subject+content). You may also configure the size of the samples to test and how you want to determine the winner.

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    Once the split test is set, the two versions of your email are sent to Groups A and B. The winning version is sent to the rest of your database.

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