The WordPress module connects your blog or website to Mailify.

  • AvantagesCreate a custom opt-in form
  • AvantagesSynchronize your contributors and subscribers
  • AvantagesAdd a touch of your blog by importing color styles
  • AvantagesAutomatically import blog content to your newsletter
  • AvantagesYour newsletter, your style.

How to use the extension?

  • wordpress


    Install the WordPress plugin (available here.) And generate your website's connection URL and Key.

    For full setup instructions, please visit the WordPress FAQ.

  • wordpress


    In Mailify, activate the WordPress extension by going to the "Extensions" screen and clicking "Activate". Then just fill in the information given to you in the WordPress admin panel.

  • wordpress


    Once you've finished connecting your website to Mailify, your lists will begin to synchronize. Once the synchronization is finished, your contact lists will be available in Mailify.

How to activate this extension?

  • Install Mailify
  • Create your free account
  • Activate the extension
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