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What is the purpose of the developer's configuration?

Mailify has provided this section for developers, about how to set up an API or Webhooks.


Paramètres pour les développeurs sur Sarbacane Sunrise





The Mailify REST API allows you to control contact lists and blacklists, and to gather campaign statistics.

The API is automatically disabled. To activate it, just click on the button with a cross next to the sentence "The Mailify API is currently deactivated".

By activating it, you have a new field that appears "Add API key". By clicking on it, you set the description of your API key. To confirm, just click on the green checkmark.

It is necessary to have technical skills in development in order to integrate Mailify Sunrise API.

For more details on the integration of the Mailify Sunrise API, you can consult the API documentation by clicking on the button on the right.


Paramétrer l'API sur Sunrise





Webhooks, also a topic for developers and integration partners, automatically and instantly notify an application or a website when any activity occurs on a campaign.

For example: be notified when a recipient clicks on a specific link.

These events will then be uploaded to your CRM.

To activate Webhooks, simply click on the button with a cross next to the phrase "Webhooks are disabled".

By activating it, a new field will appear: "Add Webhook". By clicking on it, you access the parameters to fill in:

  • The name
  • The activity for which you want to be notified

On the statuses: Email hard bounce, soft bounce email, email delivered or email protected

On behaviors: clicks, opening rate, number of unsubscribes and complaints

  • The URL on which notifications must be sent

To confirm, just click on the green checkmark.


Paramétrer les Webhooks sur Sarbacane


Keep in mind, it is necessary to have technical skills in development to integrate Webhooks on Mailify Sunrise.

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