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Sharing campaigns, lists, templates and forms.

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Resource sharing (campaigns, lists, forms, landing pages) is managed through the resource properties under the section “Who can access this campaign?”.

Note: the title of the section varies based on the type of resource concerned; thus, the section would be entitled “Who can access this list?” if the resource is a contact list and so on.

The “Properties” window for a resource is displayed when it’s created.
The “Properties” window for a resource can be opened from the contextual menu associated to each one.

Depending on whether your role is “User”, “Administrator” or “Owner” and the rights you have been assigned, you may be able to adjust the settings (or not) to share a resource irrespective of whether or not you’re the author.


By default, a user has access to all resources (campaigns, lists, templates, forms, etc.) in their group.

When a user creates a new resource, they share it with all the users in the same group.
They cannot restrict access to their resource by another user in the same group.
They cannot modify the section “Who has access to this campaign?” as they won’t see it.

A user can, however, share their campaign with another group if (and only if) the “Share with other groups” right has been assigned by the account administrator. This right may be allocated via the “Manage rights” menu on the user data sheet.


Administrators (as well as the account owner) have access to all elements created by all users, irrespective of the group they’re in.
When the administrator (or account owner) creates a resource, they may tick sharing with one or more users or one or more groups of users.
This sharing is managed through the properties window for the resource in question under the section “Who can access this [resource]?”.

There’s an important difference between sharing a resource with a group and sharing a resource with several users in a group.

- Sharing with a group: when an administrator chooses to share their resource with a group of users (group box ticked), not only will all current users in that group have access to the resource but also any future users added to the group.

  In the example below, the administrator has chosen to share their campaign with the group “Marketing team”. All of the users in that group will thus have access to that campaign as will future users added to the group “Marketing team”.    It’s not possible to untick one or more users in a group as the entire the group has been selected.

- Sharing with a selection of users: an administrator may choose not to share a resource with a group (group box not ticked) but only with a selection of users in that group.

  In such case, only the users selected in the group(s) of their choice will have access to the resource. Any new members of a group won’t have access to the resource as the group was not ticked so it could be shared with only a selection of  users from the group. In the case below, only “User 1” will have access to the campaign. If new users join the group “Marketing Team”, they won’t have access to the campaign. The administrator may, however, give them access by returning to the “Properties” window for the campaign and manually selecting them.

In short, sharing a resource with a group offers more flexibility as all users in the group (current and future) will have access to the resource.

Yet, sharing a resource with a selection of users provides more control over the access to the resource. It’s up to the administrator to decide which sharing method best suits their needs and this may differ for each resource in their account.

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