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How to send follow-up emails with the trigger "Received campaign"

The "Received Campaign" trigger allows you to follow-up contacts who have received one of your campaigns. With this automatic scenario, you can send them a message adapted to their behaviour (openers/non-openers, clickers/non-clickers, address classified as bounce / address not classified as bounce).

To create a follow-up campaign, you have two options:


Create a follow-up campaign from a standard campaign

Choose a preset follow-up scenario

Start by creating a new campaign. Select "Email Campaign" then create your message. At the step "Send" of your campaign, you can define actions to be carried out with your recipients according to their behavior.
We've created a fully customizable preset scenario to automatically reactivate the non-openers of your campaign. You can also create a fully customized follow-up scenario. Here are the different scenarios available:"

  • Resend the same message to the non-openers of the campaign: this scenario is ideal to automatically reactivate the inactive contacts of your campaign.
  • Create a customized scenario: this option allows you to create an automatic scenario completely adapted to your needs by adding conditions (opening, clicks, bounces), adding Email or SMS messages or inserting the contacts in a list of your choice.



Once you have selected the scenario of your choice, you will be redirected to the automatic campaign creation interface where you will be able to continue building your scenario by following this step of the tutorial.




Create a follow-up campaign from the automatic campaigns

Create an automatic campaign

To create an automatic follow-up scenario for contacts who have received one of your standard campaigns, create a new campaign. Select "Automatic campaign".


Then choose "Received Campaign" as scenario type.


Received campaign

Setting the "Received Campaign" trigger



Original campaign*: select the campaign whose sending will trigger the activation of your scenario.

Trigger event*: Specify the type of behaviour that will trigger your scenario.

Here are the different options available to you:

  • Opened / did not open
  • Clicked / did not click:
    • At least one of the selected links
    • All selected links
    • At least one of the selected categories
    • All selected categories
  • Bounced / did not bounce

Observation period*: in this section, specify the time span after which the contact must switch to the inactive branch of the automation tree, and thus trigger the sequence of the scenario planned for the inactive contacts who have not performed the indicated action (opening, click, etc.). For example, if a contact did not open your campaign 2 days after it was sent, a second message will automatically be sent to him/her once this 2-day period ended.

Unsubscription list: the contacts being part of this (or these) list(s) will be automatically excluded from your mailings by Mailify in order to avoid any unsolicited communication.

Unsubscription method: by default, the unsubscription method defined in the parameters of your account is applied. However, you can select a different method for this campaign if you wish. You can choose between opening the standard unsubscription page of Mailify, or redirect your contacts to your site to manage your unsubscriptions yourself.

Once you have set the parameters of your "Received campaign" trigger, click on the green button to validate.
You will then be automatically redirected to the automatic scenario creation interface.

* To maintain the consistency of the data generated by your scenario, these elements cannot be modified once the scenario is activated. You can of course always deactivate your scenario if you want to stop it, but you cannot change these settings. Indeed, if you change the observation period used to determine whether a contact is active or not, you would have inconsistencies in your contact list.
For example, let's say you set an observation period of 3 days to consider a contact as inactive. The three days pass and your contact has therefore logically received the campaign for inactive contacts. If you deactivate your scenario to change the observation period to 4 days. You could send a second message meant for the inactive recipients to a person who has already received it.

Also note that the scenario is not retroactive.

Build your scenario: add a message or insert the contact in a list

For each branch of the scenario, you will be able to carry out two types of actions:

Add a message

To create your first follow-up email from the automatic campaign creation interface, click on the "Add a message" button in the action menu related to the chosen trigger event (depending on what you have configured: opened or did not open / clicked or did not click / bounced or did not bounce).



Select the Email Builder as creation mode to choose a template or create your message from scratch. Once you have set up and edited your email as you want, you can validate it. You will then be automatically redirected to the automatic campaign creation tool.



You can set the waiting time to be observed for each follow-up message by using the green button above the message.




You can also add other messages to your scenario according to the behaviour of your recipients (opened, clicked, bounced) thanks to the "Add a condition" button.




You can also choose to add a message without adding any condition. In this case, all recipients will receive this second message regardless of their behavior (inactive, openers, clickers).


Insert a contact to a list

Instead of adding a message to your scenario, you may decide to add your contacts to a list according to their behavior.

To do so, click on the "Add to a list" button in the action menu related to the chosen Trigger Event (depending on what you have configured: has opened or has not opened / has clicked or has not clicked / bounced or did not bounce).


Add to a list


You will be able to add your contacts to the contact list or to the black list of your choice depending on the behaviour of your recipients.


Add to a contact list


For example, you can blacklist contacts that have not opened any of your reminders.




You can set the waiting time to be observed before inserting contacts in the select list by using the green button above the action.



You can then continue the creation of your scenario by using the action menu under the insert action.


Continue scenario


Access your campaign settings

At any time, you can access the trigger settings of your scenario from the automatic campaign creation tool by clicking on the cogwheel icon at the top right of the trigger.


Settings button


Reminder: to ensure data consistency (classification of contacts as active or inactive), the settings related to the original campaign, the trigger event and the observation delays cannot be changed once the scenario has been activated .



In the advanced settings, you can view and modify the sending conditions (days and time slots allowed for sending your campaigns) and stop conditions for your automatic campaign.



Your campaign will be automatically stopped if the contact unsubscribes (by default).



Finally, when your campaign is completely set-up, all you have to do is activate your scenario.

It is the sending of the initial campaign that will trigger your automatic scenario.


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