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How to send or schedule an SMS campaign?

In order to send your SMS campaign, click on the "Finalize the campaign" button on the "Test and send" screen.

You will then have the choice between 2 modes of sending: immediate sending or scheduled sending.

Immediate sending


Your campaign will be sent immediately.

Unless your account includes automatic validation., the campaign will be sent to the server at Mailify Software to validate or refuse the campaign, unless your account includes automatic validation.

The different phase sof your sending process:

The validation process
Your campaign is waiting for validation by our team. Validation is done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the meantime, you can not submit another session under the same campaign. You must wait for the validation of your first session to submit a second one. If you want to make a last modification before the final sending, you can click on ""Cancel sending"".

x% Completed
Your campaign is validated and is being sent. The percentage, updated approximately every 5 minutes, shows you the routing status of your campaign. The state of the session can stagnate a few hours before reaching 100%: the remaining percentages are numbers that the platform tries to reach several times. In a period of approximately 48 hours following the dispatch, the 100% will be reached when the platform has definitively considered them as NPAI.

Generally, the refusal of a campaign is related either to a technical problem in the reception of your campaign, or to a breach of the Code of Conduct (problem in the contents of your message in particular). Please edit your campaign and resubmit a new version.


Scheduled sending

It's up to you to decide which date and time you want to send your SMS campaign.

You can also select a time zone for reference if your recipients are abroad to avoid having to calculate your time of sending with a time difference.

Once you have scheduled your day and time of sending, you're all set. Mailify will take care of sending your campaign on the selected day and time.

Attention: The deferred shipment requires a sufficient balance of credits on the chosen date of shipment. If this is not the case, Mailify Sunrise will warn you that your credit balance is insufficient, you will have to reload your balance to continue sending your campaign.

Whether it is an immediate or delayed delivery, Mailify Sunrise will always ask you to confirm the sending of your campaign.


Watch the video on this topic:

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