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How to manage the unsubscriptions in my SMS campaign? ("STOP" mention)

STOP is a legal mention added at the end of your SMS which allows your contacts to be able to unsubscribe from your mailing list if they wish.

This is the equivalent of an unsubscribe link for an email campaign.


This is added to your SMS in the specific case where you create a marketing-style SMS campaign and personalize the sender of your message.

In the case of a marketing campaign with a standard issuer (shortcode) it is not necessary to add the word STOP in the content of your message. However, your contacts will still be able to unsubscribe from your mailing list by answering STOP directly to your message.

In the case of a notification type SMS, the word STOP is not specified, whether the issuer is personalized or not. It is considered that this type of message is either requested by the recipient (sending a confirmation code, for example) or information with high added value (state of a bank balance, parcel being forwarded, for example )... Thus, it is estimated that the recipient does not have the need to request unsubscription by SMS return. In most cases, notifications are generated automatically and the recipient can manage their preferences directly from the issuer's site.

  SMS Marketing SMS Notificaton
Standard sender (Shortcode) No STOP mention
No STOP mention
Custom sender STOP mention mandatory No STOP mention







In any case, Mailify Sunrise automatically manages the addition of the word STOP to your message, and automatically manages unsubscriptions to your mailing lists.

When STOP is inserted automatically, you will see the appearance of ""STOP 36XXX"" in the overview of your SMS. (The shortcode used may vary from one campaign to another).

In addition, 11 characters are automatically deducted from your character counter after this addition.

Learn more about the number of characters deducted.

Watch the video on this topic:

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